Portrayed By Cindy Joseph
Gender Female
Aliases Ryn; Ano
Place of Birth Katz Field Hold
Current Location Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Status Rider of Green Rysith
Theme Song Coming Soon


Nearly over 5'8 in height, her body has an athletic and somewhat toned build to it even at the age she is now. The few strands of straight black hair, now streaked with grey, that cling to her high cheekbones accent the sharp features of her face, while the rest of her long hair has been trussed up into a neat bun. Her blue eyes, set above a long, thin nose, appear brighter against her dark hair and olive hued skin. She has a small, thin lipped mouth that is often or not, curved into a slight smirk.
Anoryn is often wearing a simple short sleeved tunic with a laced, low cut v-shaped neck. It's neatly tucked into a pair of dark grey pants, the cut slim and hugging close to her toned legs. Around her waist, she wears a thick leather belt and around her neck is a simple beaded necklace made from braided runner-hair.
On her left shoulder, she wears a knot in Xanadu Weyr's colors, with the necessary modifications to designate her as a Assistant Weyrlingmaster. On the same side of her knot, she wears a badge showing her Craft to be Beastcraft. A dark green ribbon, threaded through the knot, signifies her lifemate.



Name Relation Location Position PC/NPC Adoptable
Neran (deceased) Father Katz Field Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter NPC No
Eylia (decesaed) Mother Katz Field Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter NPC No
Nary Brother Beastcraft Hall Sr. Journeyman Beastcrafter NPC Yes
Eyran Brother Katz Field Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter NPC Yes
Alrien Brother Keroon Hold Master Farmcrafter NPC Yes
Lyrie Sister Keroon Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter NPC Yes
Eyryn Sister Katz Field Hold Journeyman Farmcrafter NPC Yes
Nalia Sister Beastcraft Hall Sr. Apprentice Beastcrafter NPC Yes
Broan Son Smithcraft Hall Apprentice Smithcrafter NPC Yes
Uka Daughter High Reaches Weyr Wingrider, brown Niyheth's rider NPC No
J'vryn Son Fort Weyr Wingrider, green Awsiath's rider NPC No
Jeddia Granddaughter Ista Weyr Apprentice Harper PC No


Warm Honeyed Gold Kweeva
This queenling carries herself with pride, but with that pride she carries a fairly large ego to go with it. Her hide is a warm, rich shade of golden honey, darkening almost to bronze on her neck ridges and at the tips of her wings, paling to a white-gold on her belly and flanks. Broad, delicate wings show streaks of both the light and dark shades of her hide, veined with an almost green-gold where the ichor runs through the surface vessels. Large for a gold firelizard, she raises her head, bugles her presence in no uncertain terms, and then goes silent, only the whirling of her blue-green eyes indicating her interest in the world around her.

Ghostly Reddish Brown Threadscore
From muzzle tip to tail tip, this finely built firelizard is coated in shimmering earthy coppers and russet browns. Bands of murky blacks circle along a strong muscled neck, down to powerful forearms and legs, pooling in darker shades around clawed feet. Blossoms of electric rusty browns run in a speckled mass from the top of sharply pointed eye ridges, down along his back to the very tip of his long, powerful tail. The same blossoming pattern can be seen along wing tips, blending in with the more ghostly shades of umber and sorrel. Ridges have been splashed with a dark maroon shade, giving this hatchling a almost dark and eerie look and feel to him. And as a final touch, whisps of angry reddish browns swirl and mingle in with the already dominant shades of brown, giving off highlights of brighter and angrier reds when light strikes the hide at the right angles. Everything about this hatchling seems to scream: Danger

Sky Blue Seersha
Close your eyes and imagine the sky on a beautiful summers day, think of the delightfully fluffy white cotton-cany clouds drifting lazily across the blue blue sky, think of the sun's comfortable warmth spreading over you, and think of how calm and still everything is, like time was suspended. Now think of a firelizard. Why? Well open your eyes and see. Here's a blue firelizard, looking very much like the aforementioned summer sky. Several white cloud-like shapes seem to drift across this little guy's oh-so-blue hide. If you were permitted to touch that same blue blue hide, you'd know that it is as warm as a fine summer's day. As for calmness? Why this little fellow is calmness personified, yet also extremely satisfied.


Moonlit Forest Green Rysith
A huntress through and through, this large green's svelte form has been refined and built in such a way to give her the near ideal image of agileness and quickness that her color often boasts. Olive and cameo greens merge together across her blunt muzzle and rounded head, the darker of the hues blending in along her short, wide head knobs. Soft shadows and highlights twine across her back and ridges, creating an effect much like moonlight streaming through the leaves in a thick, lush forest. Dark green shadows of hunter green and emerald, nearly black in some places, dance with murky grass greens that gently caress the smooth curve of her muscled chest and lithe sides while forest green hues flow down the proud arched curve of her neck to her muscular flanks. Soft silvery-green highlights appear and disappear with the movement of light across her smooth hide, giving more credence to the illusion of shaded leaves blowing in a soft breeze or she being born from the forest itself. Even her wings are touched with the intermingled play of light and shadow, the soft translucent wingsails swirled with light silvery jades and spring greens.


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