Fragile is the last thing on one's mind, when it comes to this female form. Sleek yet curved in the most delicate of ways. Her long mane pours flowingly, long and silken, raven in colour but with a sheen that merely mocks the shine from a newly polished obsidian rock. While it once slid past narrow shoulders and down a smooth expanse of back to rest gently against her rather feminine derriere, the length has been drastically reduced. Those beautiful locks now rest slightly above her shoulders, the ends gently curling inwards. Her eyes, wide but lifting enough at the corners to reveal her Asiatic inheritance, sparkle a brilliant shade of milk chocolate with delicate sparks of spring green peeking visibly from within the dark pools. An oval shape of a face, her chin tapers just enough to reveal a fairly sculpted to the rest of her visage. Said cheekbones add to the touches, offering an elegance that is most obvious. She is of a pale complexion, perhaps closer to the lines of a fine freshwater pearl but with a rosy undertone that speaks of her healthy vigor.

Feminine grace holds this lady, her very appearance alone shouting it. Her posture could speak eloquently the tale, straight and confident.

Overall, she is slender - apparently kept in fine appearance as it is obvious she is active enough to keep herself to be rather good shape. Whilst she is not at all that tall, her limbs are long and slim - fingers, daintily tapered. Mild calluses indicate she has done her fair share of work but those are few and rarely seen. Her apparent age varies but in truth, one couldn't truly guess - but one thing is for certain, she appears younger than her true age.

Simple and plain is her current dress. A blue-green three-quartered sleeve tunic tapers smoothly around a narrow, shapely waist. Sleeves gingerly billow outwards, easing into a cuff in the middle of her lower arms. The tunic loosely falls over halfway down her legs, slitted at the sides for easier walking. Light brown trous, similiar to leather pants, fluidly pour over her long legs, covering them like a second skin. Darker brown boots ride all the way to top of her calves with narrow straps of leather crisscross in an intricate design over them.

Upon her shoulder rests the knot of Xanadu Weyr and the threads of her ranking as craftrider at the Weyr.


One stormy night, a windy one at that, the cries from a newly born infant rang across Weyr, cutting through the howl of the gusting winds. Angelyka was born that night, much to the joys of both her parents - riders at Xanadu Weyr. She was a healthy child but that didn't buffer her from the many illness that would come beating upon her when she was a wee tyke. From colds to flus to even close cases of bronchitis, the young girl barely beat them all off. It would be Turns before she would and could break free of the neverend cycle. Despite that, the time period she spent in illness, she was at her bravest and most cheery. She strived to make everyone happy. Her one true love was to bake and yet, at that time, she couldn't enter the kitchen. Spreading via food wasn't the best of choices, so she could only watch and from a long distances off.

Turns came and went, people entered and left the weyr. Angel had her times with illness, beating it eventually. What brought this bout was to be left in the dark, a virtual mystery. Not much truly occured for the first 5 Turns of life for her, but as soon as she reached her 6th Turnday, she was finally allowed into the kitchen and to bug the bakers and cooks. She was not the pest as most would've thought, she actually was rather helpful - if you don't count the times she spilt a whole batch of bubbly. For the next few turns, she spent more and more of her time in the kitchen, dodging the flying spoon ever now and then. She proved to be a good little assistant and eventually a rather decent baker. With the encouragement from her parents, she eventually chose her calling - the bakercraft. However, she had to wait, since she was about 10 Turns at the time of her choosing. For 2 Turns, she spent her moments in the kitchen but there wasn't truly a job that was called 'assistant' and so she was handed the assistant Steward knot. She did her best with her new duties, never really enjoying them as she had when she was an assistant to the bakers and cooks. Day after day, she'd peek into the kitchen and always, the Steward would drag her back out. Upon the day of her 12 Turnday, she nearly threw the assistant steward knot at the Steward. She was clearly overjoyed to be rid of that position. Apprenticing, the day after, she put herself into the craft. She did what she enjoyed the most - bake. Sweet treats she experimented with, sour and sweets… this is where she is today, a baker's apprentice… striving to prove that she is worthy to remain in the craft.


Name Relation Location Position
Andryi Mother Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
W'fen Father Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider
Avalyn Sister Igen Weyr Rider of Blue Prydaeth
Ar'ik Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider of Bronze Vsetovith
Anakin Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Zelyka Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Nemesis of Grace Brown Onchou
A large, ball shaped head rests upon a short stunted neck. A broad chest and lean stomach lend breath to long, powerful legs and the twin sheets of chestnut brown which forms a pair of powerful wings. All but those twin fields of chestnut are stained a deep brown and highlighted with traces of a deep bronze through it all.

Brown Ijimekko

Blue Shimofuri

Lurking in the Grass Green Tenshi
A soft, watered down green incases the body of this very small lizard. Spiraling around her torso and down her legs is the deepest of deep greens, looking for all the world like leaves of seaweed. Fanning out over her wings are steadily lightening hues, sparkling as if held just under the waters surface. A woven tail, slipping down and out from beneath her almost black neck ridges, is help almost perfectly still. Her talons match that deep green/almost black color of her neck ridges. She seems very shy, as if used to hiding in the weeds. But beneath that shyness to a true-to-the-death loyalty. If she ever faces anything she does not want to do, you just seem to know she will do it for her pet. She is the most loving of 'lizards, in her own peculiar way.


One Thousand and One Stories Green Anstarath
Rich, glossy forest green clings to this green's hide - palm sized patches overlapping along the entire length of her small form. With each patch comes a slightly different shade, though all are in the same range, like numerous leaves, each getting a different amount of sunlight. Her body is lean, curving in beneath the ribs slightly, haunches rounded out slightly before tapering to a neatly sculpted tail. Yet, from along the smooth line of her belly, a paler sage green feathers up, the washed out hue of desert shrubs, lightly touching the inner areas of each overly long limb, curling spreading branches around each small paw. The majority of her neck is the deep green of flourishing foliage, aside from a streak of sage across her narrow muzzle, like a veil hiding away her face from beneath faceted eyes. Dark ridges run down her back, between large wings, each sail speckled with pale sand hues, dusted by the wind.
A warm brown coats the supple riding straps, warm lining keeps Anstarath's smooth hide from being overly chaffed. Shiny buckles of a non-descript mental dangle from straps of leather as they are to keep Angel from falling off. Overall, the straps are well kept and look like they are constantly checked on.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Hatching - November 18, 2006 November 18, 2006 Achina, Airk, Alhenaeth, Angelyka, C'ian, Dynome, I'ven, Jean, Kilaueth, Kitani, Luna, Niva, Tandelek, Vathiel
Random Log: Weyrlings and Bakers 2006 Angelyka, Cirilia, Denna, F'alk, Lorena, Marte, and T'eo
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