Andy (born Andalise on day 21 of month 7, Turn 2715) is a weyrling bluerider at Xanadu Weyr who achieved the rank of baker apprentice prior to her Impression to Qilaeth on day 21 of month 3, Turn 2734.

Born Andalise
Day 21, month 7, Turn 2715
Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Apprentice Baker
Dragon Blue Qilaeth
Affiliations Xanadu Weyr
Played By Anne Hathaway


If there's anything truly remarkable about Andy's appearance, it's probably the general lack of sophistication about her; her large, brown eyes would almost be classically beautiful, framed as they are with equally dark brows in a pale, almost delicate face that's probably equally quick to blush and burn with prolonged sun exposure. Long, chestnut-brown hair is usually plaited into a thick braid or otherwise secured out of her face rather than being left to flow freely down her back, a choice that tends toward the practical as much as her attire. A tall girl, if not especially so, she's still slender of build with almost lanky arms and legs, possessing a relative dearth of womanly curves at this stage compared to some of her peers. How freely she wears her expressions, however? Now that, to some parties, might just show some promise. She appears to be somewhere in her late teens.

Common Knowledge

  • Impressed Qilaeth out of a clutch of Leirith's and Xermiltoth's in early 2734.
  • Andy is weyrbred and has lived at Xanadu her entire life, save for a short trip to Ista at the beginning of her apprenticeship.
  • She is either unusually unfortunate, unusually clumsy, or both in her attempts to be — helpful.


Andalise is one of those weyrbred children who has no idea who her actual birth parents are, but thrived well enough while being raised by the proverbial village of Xanadu's lower caverns. It's also possible that Andy was one of those children who had a fascination for the creation of food from a young age — or that setting her to work in the kitchens with age-appropriate tasks once she was old enough to (try to) help proved to be a good way to redirect the energies of a too-curious child and keep her out of trouble. However she ended up taking the path of formal training with the bakercraft, the little knot on her shoulder proudly proclaims her to be one of their number (when she remembers to wear it) for all that she tries to spend as much time otherwise attempting to be helpful wherever she sees a need. Her good intentions would probably land her the reputation of being a renaissance sort of person … if they actually ended in productive results rather than a byproduct of an unfortunate propensity toward clumsiness.


IC Dates Location Connections
03.2734 - Present Xanadu Weyr Weyrling training with blue Qilaeth
10.2733 - 03.2734 Xanadu Weyr Candidate for a clutch of Leirith's and Xermiltoth's
08.2730 - 10.2733 Xanadu Weyr Resumed local bakercraft training
08.2729 - 07.2730 Ista Coverage Area Began formal bakercraft apprenticeship
07.2715 - 07.2729 Xanadu Weyr Childhood in Xanadu's lower caverns


Dangerous to Know Blue Qilaeth
Balanced on the razor's edge between terrifyingly solid and sublime, empyreal and interminable, this behemoth is alarming to some deep-set instinct. Something about the careful normality of him, this simple, well-balanced — if absolutely massive — blue seems off. A shadow at the edge of your vision that might turn into a monster, if you only move your head just right. The abyssal depths of nothingness swallow wide-set nostrils, barely giving way to fathomless indigo by sharply sculpted eye ridges, and cheeks set beneath flinty faceted eyes. Deepest navy fades over his neck, takes over the bulk of the blue's massive body in a storm of barely-varying midnight. Faint tendrils of celeste start breaking the monotony along the sturdy upper line of his powerful neck; trailing in soft cirrus wisps to brighten the uneven line of neckridges. Teal and azure pepper down robust shoulders and a balanced back, bursting into fiery blues across long, long wingsails. Cyan, ultramarine, indigo: a dozen, two dozen, a million shades of incandescent blue flare in a glorious cloud along both aspects of broad sails, roiling in a thunderous cascade of color. The brilliance doesn't last for long: by powerful haunches it's back to inky navy, leaving the void to swallow long tail and toes, ending as he began.


Title OOC Date Summary
An Epistolary Episode
ft. Andy, Ava
October 13, 2022 An exchange of letters between friends during month 2, Turn 2735.
The Secret of the Old Clock
ft. Andy, Risali
August 3, 2022 Andy dutifully brings a gift for Leirith and learns that Risali does not, in fact, collect clocks.
Poorly Made for Politics
ft. Andy, Y'riel
August 14, 2022 Andy and Y'riel share some struggles as weyrlings, including having very talkative dragons.
Impulse-Momentum Theory
ft. Andy, Ava
September 2, 2022 Ava shares an impulsive decision with Andy, who's living with the result of one.
To Be Enough (Vignette)
ft. Andy, Qilaeth
July 26, 2022 Andy's a little troubled over not having a new best friend.


Andy has been featured in 17 scenes …

15 with other players.

2 as vignettes.

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