Slender, but packing lean and wiry muscle, Andhamir's form is a tool as much as a pen is unto a Harper, or a knife for a hunter. It is a body built for expression, from the casual crook of long fingers to the dry amusement always coming to a slow boil in the recesses of hazel green eyes. A cleverly bowed mouth hints that he'll be able to rationalize his way through most situations, while a knotted, possibly-broken nose insists that he's more than capable of dealing with trouble in the event that crooked smiles and wry wit just won't do. Foreshadowing towards true seriousness comes with the squared lines of his jaw and the subtle holier-than-thou slant of his eyebrows. Hair of a matching dark brown falls to his shoulder in a mass of dark waves, rarely contained, and poorly bound with a mind of its own when he tries.

Andhamir's tunics are many and varied, each its own riot of color. Solid but no less expensive fabric defines the majority of his garments, laced and limned with snatches of golden stitching. Some of Andi's tunics sport accent panels of bright, colorful fabrics in myriad patterns, while others have been embroidered around an open neckline with twirling arabesques and occasional imagery. Soft, supple wherhide pants coordinate in color and are usually tucked into a pair of knee-high boots that buckle up the outsides with burnished gold-tone clasps.


Andhamir is the youngest of five sons, born into the union of two Trader families. His eldest brother, Dhonmir, inherited his father's business of breeding, raising, and selling hearty draft runners; second-eldest, Eldhemir, showed a knack for his mother's trade, the sale and production of bright, heavy fabrics in all colors and patterns; third-eldest, Ordhormir, took this a step further, leaving the family to join the Weaver craft to develop his talents, sharing much between family and craft alike. Seeing his success, fourth-eldest Vendhimir sought to do the same, sharing secrets and stock with the Beastcraft in exchange for rights and privileges the craft could provide.

This left Andhamir, as the youngest, to make his own way in life, and he rose to the challenge with alacrity. Leaving behind his immediate family, he took up traveling with his aunt and cousins, learning the tricks, talents, and performances of their trade, focusing primarily on various forms of carnival-style entertainment. Across the southern continent they sprawled, always on the move, stopping only long enough to provide a show to those with coin enough to spare before moving on, only occasionally ever bothering to travel north, due to expense.

Every once in a great while, though, the soul calls for rest, and on one particularly quiet trip through Xanadu Weyr, Andhamir decided to stay on. It has yet to be determined exactly what function the former performer might serve for the weyr, but there is bound to be something he can do to earn his keep, even if only to assist with mending or tend to runners.


Name Relation Location Position
Rhasmir Father Southern Continent Trader
Dhionha Mother Southern Continent Trader
Dhonmir Brother Southern Continent Trader
Eldhemir Brother Southern Continent Trader
Ordhormir Brother Weaver Crafthall Journeyman
Vendhimir Brother Beast Crafthall Journeyman
Ellyriha Aunt Southern Continent Performer
Dhellyrius Cousin Southern Continent Performer
Rellhiy Cousin Southern Continent Performer
Daihllen Cousin Southern Continent Performer

Other relations abound. Can you swing a wherry in the Southern Continent without hitting someone he's related to? Andi sure doesn't know. If you would like to claim relation, please @mail Andhamir on-game.


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