First glances would notice a young woman on the shorter side of average and well proportioned with toned muscles. She has long, curly chestnut hair usually plaited up and off her face, which is mostly round and angles into a strong chin. Her skin is on the fairer side of tan, speckled with freckles and the occasional spot of acne. Large eyes on the browner side of hazel are framed by long lashes and full, expressive eyebrows. Her nose and mouth are on the smaller side, and her teeth a tetch uneven, but her smile is easy and her voice is low and lilting.

Amelia favors earthy tones and looser fits in her clothing. Currently she wears a warm moss green top with long sleeves, layered beneath a cream hued vest. Her trousers are light brown, sturdy fabric, tucked into a pair of tired old boots with several skewed seams along the lace holes. On her shoulder is the knot depicting a BeastCraft Journeywoman posted to Xanadu Weyr.


Amelia was born to BeastCraft journeyman Amstel and Xanadu assistant weyrlingmaster Kirilla (green Pheriannath), second oldest of six half-siblings. Her first twelve years were spent in your typical weyrbrat fashion, albeit stablehand style. She spent all free time shadowing the folks working with animals- everything from runners to geese to dogs and goats. She showed an aptitude for healing and rehabilitating injured or unhappy animals, and so left home for the BeastCraft Hall to learn specifics and take advantage of the library and the many brilliant minds. After a couple years, she returned to the region, apprenticing to her father at Black Rock Hold. Wherever she has studied, she has been the sterotypical studious student, devoted to her projects and animals. She usually spends free time with animals, finding one or another that needs that little extra TLC she can give.

While not a fan of large groups of people and sometimes overly anxious, she's quick to be friendly to those who are friendly, and relaxes easily when she's with familiar faces. Save on a few topics (animals, healing animals, books, music), Amie is not a big talker and prefers companionable silence or, when the sounds are pleasant, singing or some sort of music. While at Black Rock Hold, Amie learned the basics of playing cello when one of her Hold friends needed a learning buddy. A couple turns ago, her parents indulged her with a cello as a congratulations for rising to Senior Apprentice in the Beastcraft; she may have preferred getting a runner to an instrument, but she does treasure the gift and practices it when duties allow; maybe someday she'll take the lessons necessary to play complex pieces. Now that she's a journeywoman, she's been gifted ownership of her favorite of her father's runners. Her current project, beyond healer studies, include training runners to be part of a tracking or ground crew during emergency responses when dragons are unable to easily move through forests.

When Hold-Weyr relations worsened, it became difficult for Amstel to continue working underneath Lord Toban. Amie's mother convinced him to move back to Xanadu a turn ago, and take a post with their own BeastCraft contingent. He agreed- for that and to renew the relationship which had spawned Amie and two of her younger siblings. Amelia has since settled into the weyr life of a BeastCrafter, working with animals daily. She has very little fear when it comes to animals, and as a result gets scratched up or bruised more often than other apprentices might, but she's respected for her calm demeanor and her way of keeping animals from hurting themselves worse once they've been injured. By way of research and projects, she merited a journeywoman's knot, and has been taking on regular animal healer duties, as well as a couple younger apprentices to teach about the craft.


Name Relation Location Position
Kirilla Mother Xanadu Weyr Assistant Weyrlingmaster / Greenrider to Pheriannath
Amstel Father Xanadu Weyr BeastCraft Journeyman
J-ril Brother (+5) Xanadu Weyr Quasar Wingrider / Bronzerider to Destroth
Kirabelle Sister (-2) StarCraft Hall Apprentice
Adrienne Sister (-5) BeastCraft Hall Apprentice
Kirkley Brother (-9) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Avelaine Sister (-12) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat



Over the Horizon Brown Ilaydith
Sleek and slender, the rich brown hues of the finest blood bay gather in force upon the lean lines of this hatchling, the fiery red undertones showing through along the curves of his stomach, flaring up at the narrowing of his waist and the curve of his tail. Each well-formed limb is distinctly muscled, the red-brown hues darkening as they near his talons, nearly black socks cladding each of his limbs, the same dark coloring brushing over his flattened muzzle, the darkness tickling his chin, curving around his jaw. Large, faceted eyes are set beneath well formed eye-ridges, the vibrant hues gathering over headknobs and neck, while ridges of darkest umber flow freely down his neck in sharp contrast to the brighter hues of his hide. Sails of translucent auburn stretch between the spars, muscles defined clearly there as well, each and every inch of him built for power, built for speed, and built for beauty.


Title OOC Date Cast
More Lessons Learned May 21, 2011 Amelia, K'ael, Kiley
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