There is a quiet dignity about this young woman. While she exudes an aura of seriousness, she appears to be still in her late teens. Standing around five-eight, she has a lithe, well-toned body which is supple and graceful. Her bosom, slender torso and curving hips have the promise of womanhood, and her long legs flow upwards from slender ankles. Black hair is pulled back from a sight widow's peak, falling in a braid to her hips. Almond-shaped, hazel-green eyes are filled with intelligence and wit. Her chin is a little too pointed, making her cheekbones more prominent than might be considered delicate. Her bearing is confident, and there's a glow of health about skin tanned from the desert sun. Aludra has a clear voice and can carry a tune well.

Silk-sissal the color of the storm-darkened desert was made into a coat which molds around Aludra, cut low beneath her bosom, and fastened in front by a row of small silver buttons. Tight sleeves reach her elbows then fall open to reveal lavender silk lining. Slitted on both sides, front and back, it falls to her knees. Under it is worn a pale blue cotton shirt with long sleeves buttoned at the cuffs. She also wears black trousers, fitted to her legs. A around her waist is a black leather belt, and on her feet are a pair of black leather knee booths into which the trousers are tucked. On her head is a swath of lavender veiling to protect her from the sun. On her shoulder she wears the knot of an Xanadu Weyr resident and Harper Apprentice.


Granddaughter of Lady Masopia of Keroon, Aludra is the only child of Alunia and Drayden, a Journeyman Beastcrafter known for his work with thoroughbred runners. The Conclave confirmed Lady Masopia's son, Petram, as her successor on his 21st turnday, leaving his younger sister, Alunia, free to pursue her own interests. This included breeding and racing runners, which is where she met Drayven. They married a few months later, and Aludra was born the following winter. She was raised with her cousins Petluma and Ramua, also granddaughters of Lady Masopia. The girls had many advantages over ordinary hold children, including lessons in deportment, dancing and how to run a hold - since it was assumed all three girls would marry well.

For her 8th turnday, Lady Masopia gifted Aludra with a runner of her own, a stallion she named Wind. Aludra enjoyed the freedom of riding, and she, Petluma and Ramua frequently participated in runner shows and riding competitions. Aludra rode like she'd been born in the saddle, which made her father quite proud. Though she never showed interest in the craft, Drayven nonetheless taught her about runners. Not only could she ride well, but also knew how to cool Wind down after a run, what to feed him, how to muck out his stall and various other tasks which her older cousins preferred to leave to the grooms. Aludra took pride in caring for her runner, and never complained about the work.

It was just after her 11th turnday when Drayven was struck in the head by the hoof of an untamed runner. He never regained consciousness, and died two days after the accident. Aludra's mother was devastated, and never quite recovered from her loss. She shut herself away, leaving Lady Masopia to oversee the raising of Aludra. The young girl joined her cousins in lesson, learning how to run a Hold, dance, etc. Riding was restricted, and she was taught to ride sidesaddle - which she hated - but it was more proper for a young woman or her position. Aludra learned how to walk, talk and act like a lady, albeit she wasn't the daughter of the heir. Still, she was considered close enough to the bloodline to make a good match.

As Aludra grew older, she began to hate the idea of an arranged marriage. She preferred to lead a quiet life caring for her mother, reading or riding. Lady Masopia, on the other hand, was determined to see /all/ her granddaughters make fine marriages, whether they wanted it or not. When Aludra turned sixteen, she was introduced to the son of a Minor Holder; object of the meeting was to let them get to know one another prior to a betrothal. The introduction proved disastrous; both young people took an instant dislike to one another. Aludra was so horrified by the prospect of a forced marriage, she made plans to run away.

Fortunately, she was spared when Search riders from Xanadu Weyr arrived in Keroon. Three candidates were chosen, one of whom was Aludra. Lady Masopia was disappointed, but Alunia spoke on behalf of her daughter, begging her mother to allow the girl to stand for the clutch. The Lady Holder relented, and thus Aludra came to Xanadu Weyr. She did not Impress, but wished to remain at the Weyr. Granted permission, Aludra works with the runners, and teaches the weyr children to ride. Her greatest fear is being recalled to Keroon in order to marry someone of Lady Masopia's choosing.


Name Relation Location Position
Lady Masopia Grandmother Keroon Hold Lady Holder
Petram Uncle Keroon Hold Heir to Hold
Petluma Cousin Keroon Hold
Ramua Cousin Keroon Hold




Title OOC Date Cast
Different Views January 02, 2010 Aludra, D'son
Cards, Tricks and Duties January 04, 2010 Aludra, Avani, K'ael, Niva, Norela
Tavern Trouble January 06, 2010 Aludra, Avani, Eledri, Fros, Jessamin, M'nol, Niva, Norela, Rezso

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