Curls of mousey brown hair do not cascade so much as drag under the weight of their own frizziness all around Altrea's wide, plain face. Her skin is on the darker side of olive, and her big eyes are brown and earnest behind thick round glasses. Her nose is straight and maybe a little hooked, her mouth mobile and heart-shaped. She's a runty type of thing, standing shy of 5', with a short torso and arms and legs perhaps a shade too long.

Her clothing is care-worn and frequently dusty, perhaps the dregs of what the supply cavern has to offer. Her shirt looks like it was actually taken from the children's pile, with small flowers printed all over it and a bit of a ruffle on the collar. There's a rip in one knee of her pants, and her boots are severely scuffed.


Altrea was born at Rubicon River Hold. Her parents swear they don't know where they went wrong with her. As a youngster, she was frequently lost in the unused wings of the Hold. If she didn't return by dinner time, her father went to find her. As a result, the bushy-haired girl knew all of the best secrets the Hold had to offer. However, these secrets paled in comparison to the beautiful creatures on the wing above her head, so often seen but utterly forbidden to her. Altrea longed with all her heart to get to know dragonfolk, and made it her mission to become a scholar in all things dragon. When her obsession grew to a truly obnoxious level, her parents gave in to her constant pleaded and allowed her to go with an outbound supply wagon in order to beg for any job she could find at the nearest Weyr.


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? Father ? ?
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