Blue Abirith

Born of the heavens and wrought where lightning strikes the seas, variegated blues blaze over this well-built dragon's hide, at once illuminating and casting into shadow sculpted musculature and a powerful bearing. Cerulean spills down his neck from his chin, cascading onto strong shoulders and flowing fluidly down the length of his sinuous tail. Bursts of paler and darker hues erupt in the most unlikely places, sprinkling smooth headknobs and sharp neckridges with specks of soft blue and navy. Stardust burns a trail down his chest and over his belly, swirling over expanses otherwise dusky in hue, not unlike some unworldly comet. Electric blues brighten along a lengthy muzzle, accentuating the craftsmanship of his fine features and handsome, royal blue head. Tints of gold are ingrained along the clean lines of limbs and haunches, gradually fading as they trickle over impatient feet into the washed-out bone of his talons. Wings, blending easily into the brightness of his back when closed, unfurl to reveal all the splendor of a clear summer's night. Pinpricks of white light temper the twilight of his wingsails, dappling the darkness of their membranes with all the mysteries of a star-filled sky, lending an optimism to this magnificent creature whose outer brilliance mirrors his innate.


Title OOC Date Cast
Mellonath's Clutching, July 8, 2007 July 8, 2007 Alaye, Esher, Ethne, Harleanne, Mellonath, Moyrel, M'ric, N'hil, Nicca, Quiath, Rioko, R'sul
Xanadu Hatching, August 01, 2007 August 01, 2007 Alaye, Alinaine, Brighid, Cherin, Esher, Ethne, Felandre, Fyrion, G'rism, Harleanne, Jynniphire, Kacen, Keziah, Kotone, L'alie, Lanthiel, Meira, Mellonath, Neamon, Parra, Q'reni, Quiath, Raelin, Rh'al, Senkyou, Shida, Sianne, V'dim, Zekiel
Candidates Chatter July 2007 Alaye, Felandre, Keziah, Meira
Alaye is Searched July 2007 Alaye, D'rrin, Nicca, Xandria
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