Intense jade eyes gleam above a petite nose and pale, silky cheeks, glittering in the bliss of twilight and sunshine. The two large, alluring orbs are detailed with inky lashes kissing her plush cheeks. The silk strands of hair littering her glorious crown is quite black, shining fiercely; a definately bold color on one so pale, accenting aforementioned gem-like green eyes. Her body, however petite, seems to hold the energy of all the world within her small hands and bright smile. Short yet lithe, the girl reaches only about five foot one inch.

Misted blue suede graces Alara's sweet form with its soft touch in the form a tunic with long, supple sleeves and a hemline that reaches a bit below her waist. It's belted there with a slender cord of the aqua. The powdery blue tunic fades downwards into wherhide pants, cut loosely of a deep midnight suede rather than one of the brighter shades. The blue shadows of the pants flow down over the tops of soft half-boots made of brushed wherhide in a deep shade of black.


Lets be frank. I was an accident. A happy and joyous one, but still an accident. Let us start a wee bit before the beginning, as it was told to me by my mum and da.

Mum's the Steward for a Hold, Alisarrah, she runs the place for the most part. The way she works ten or more candlemarks a day, it makes it seem as if said Hold needs lots of help. But we all know that if she only worked, let's say, eight candlemarks with a lunch break, the Hold would still be just fine. What can I say for her though; she loves 'her' Hold and would do anything for it and the folks inhabitating it. I'm as proud of her as any kid could be, probably even more proud than most. She's the best Mum in the world too, I love her so much, and she loves me. She's the most encouraging parent ever, she always told me that I could be anything in the world I wanted, but always added that we always had to work hard for what we wanted too. She's the best, even if she works too much. Even though she sent me to the Healer Hall, she always said I had the hands suited for a Healer.

Da is I'jen, Rider of brown Oturanth for Xanadu Weyr, but he used to not be, waaaay back before I was ever a sparkle in his eye. When he and Mum first met, he was a Healer. He was the best Healer in the entire world; at least that's what Mum always told me even if he was just a Journeyman. I guess it's in my Blood, because that was what I wanted to do when I was young. Before I discovered my flaw.

Anyways, he and Mum first met when she came to the Hold to start working as a Steward. He tells me stories that she used to dress up as a man, and pretend to be…well, not into girls. He says she did it because my grampa was a crazy man, and was hunting her down for running away. Da says he saved Mum from grampa, who was apparently a Renegade, when he found her there, grampa drug her into the depths of the stores and…. Sorry, I'm getting off topic here. Let me hurry and finish. So Da met Mum, and they were apparently friends, even through Mum was pretending to be a man and… hit on da a lot. One day, a dragon swooped down on Search and took Da away from Mum. He Stood on the Sands and Impressed my favorite dragon ever, because he's sweet to me and Mum, Oturanth.

Da finally came back once they let him start flying places, and ran into Mum, still pretending to be a man. They started hanging out again and I guess he somehow found out her story and convinced her that she didn't have to hide herself anymore from Grampa because there were people around who loved her and would protect her. So they continued to hang out and be friends. That was when Grampa found her and Da saved her from him. That was when they did whatever they did, and that became me. Oh yeah, and somehow the Lord Holder didn't seem to mind that Mum was a woman, and not a man.

I was born. That's how everyone starts out, right? Mum and Da always go on and on about how beautiful I was as a babe, and I hear it from other folks as well. From the Healers who birthed me. Master Endymion, a friend of my da's, who says he's always amazed that I've grown up so much, and plenty of other folks too. So I guess I was a pretty baby, it makes me happy that so many people remember how I looked that young, no thanks to Mum's getting a miniature done of me every Turn since I was born. Ah, those Turns I don't remember at all, you know.

My toddler Turns. I often hear that I was a wicked toddler and adored hiding thinks in my Mum's office. Mum and Da both learned to put anything fragile and valuable on high shelves, to say the least. I've been told that the only other kid as bad as I was left the Hold and became a rider, like daddy, only he rides a green. Anyways, I remember a few things at that time. I remember being told many times never to go anywhere near the stores without Mum or Da or my babysitter. Too bad they didn't know that I trundled off to watch my mum work down there sometimes. I remember that too. I also remember having a lot of baths, and I didn't want to take them because I enjoyed looking like a heap of firestone. That's most of what I can remember. That and I missed Da a lot when I was little. Because he was a rider and gone a lot you know.

My Turns from five to eleven. These were the exciting Turns, the Turns everyone can remember because they were just so much fun. Lessee, we attempted lessons but those rarely worked out as planned. Many times I had all my work done before the other kids because I knew if I got it done, I could leave early. That or they'd give me something fun to do. I kinda disrupted quite a few classes at that age, the Harper acted disapproving, but I could tell he was amused because he had the same twinkle in his eye Mum and Da did when I did something wrong or dumb, but silly. I learned from my mistakes at least.

I also did a lot of playing through those Turns. In the stores and out, some of it dangerous, some not so. My main playmate was my sitter for a while. Then she grew up and became just like Mum. So I found a new buddy, actually a pack of them. My best friend was Dean, he and I were leaders of our pack. There were about five or six of us all together, but we were terrible. Our favorite sport was dodge the nanny, and for fun we likes to paint the walls of the kids area, which we were caught doing more than once.

At about eleven, Dean and I kinda broke off from the Pack and went our own way. We were getting to be a little more serious than the others, and we explored the depth of the Hold a lot. At least we were safe about it and went as a team, with the glows and stuff we needed. Finally, at thirteen, our respective crafts allowed us to come and start studying. He went to the Harpers, I went to the Healers. It just happened. We lost touch for now, but we're both kept busy.
As I work day to day in the Healer craft, I've found that I have a flaw that may keep me from ever advancing. I am afraid of blood. I see more than a few drops of it and I faint dead away. I seem to have this problem with hitting my head on the floor a lot. I'm still trying, because I would love to be a healer, but I am afraid I never could really help anyone with this fear of mine. We shall see how it goes from here.


Name Relation Location Position
Alisarrah Mother Xanadu Weyr Weyrfolk
I'jen Father Xanadu Weyr Rider to Brown Oturanth
Garra Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrfolk
Atanih Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrfolk
Arukas Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrfolk


Green Evil Midget and Brown Heero


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Xanadu Hatching, April 20, 2008 April 20, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Andis, Arkoss, Calandria, Candia, Chaitra, Delenn, Delynni, Heeva, Hesketh, Kamari, Keziah, Laera, Lorena, Makri, M'iri, Myesha, Naliah, Nalkor, Niva, Orla, Pike, Rhelia, R'in, R'miel, Ryski, Serina, Tarish, Varien, Yezan, Ysa, Zevida, Z'kiel
Early Morning in the Barracks 2008 Arkoss, Alara, Delenn, Keziah, Orla
Candidate Barracks 2008 Arkoss, Alara, Delenn, Keziah, Orla, Pareol
Random Logs: Barracks Inspection 2008 Alara, Amarante, Arkoss, Delenn, Keziah, L'alie, Lorena, M'iri, Myesha, Ryski, Senkyou, Zevida
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