Long of limb, yet quite the shapely beauty she was destined to be and apparently had become, Akeylah's almost 6'1" frame is displayed with visible womanly curves gently melding with the strong sinous muscles of many Turns of hard strenous work. Gracefulness extrudes from her, bringing to mind the smooth movements of a dancer, her flexibility and agility visible as she seemingly glides in motion.

Her fingers appear long, slender and strong, hintingly soft and lack any visible calluous, yet with the slightest of touches, one can feel some but that's about it.

Fair auburn locks silkily spread like waves down her backside as it is kept often in a runner tail or just in a tight braid. Streaks of slight copper dance within the rich red strands, a merry mixture of brilliant but mildly muted shades. The silken strands flicker around her delicately sculpted face, brushing over delicate and high cheekbones, gliding over a tapered chin and over slender throat, tickling the soft pale flesh, tenderly. A pair of brilliantly shimmer amber eyes ,wide-set and framed with thick lashes, constrast quite well with her skin's soft and warm olive hue.

Practically dressed in a well worn clothing, Aki's leanness is hidden under a dark green shirt and a loose fitting brown trousers. A pair of sturdy brown wherry boots completes the outfit and what appears to be a sheathed beltknife is pretty much hidden near her hip.

Upon her shoulder rests Igen Weyr's knot - black and gold, symbolizing that of her status as a rider and as a lifemate to her green, Shemsuth. When she wears her jacket, the Damascin Wing's badge is sewn firmly upon one shoulder.

She looks to be about in her late teens, early twenties Turn-wise.


Perhaps the youngest child born to traders, Akeylah Jesalin Viatoris grew up traveling the handicrafted one with the desire to create. Weaving was her joy, the feel of raw material in her grasp as she made them into clothing, blankets and everything else that could be possibly made from them. Most of what her family wore was created from her two hands. Most, that is, not all. Some of the elder siblings preferred to spend their hard earned marks on something made by some else. And yet, she did not mind at all. A loom seemingly is where she feels most relaxed with the exception of being with her siblings and parents.

Wanderlust ran in the family for the most part but Aki wasnt too fond of it. Staying in one place seemed her thing. Yet, in her youth, there was no choice for her to reside in one weyr or hold. As she grew older, however, the young woman would often leave the camp to stay a month or more at either a Hold or Weyr as a visitor. Wherever she lived, she was able to make a meager living with her creative weaving and yet, she kept to simple outfits and rarely made a gather gown or outfit. She preferred practical, mainly. And yet, her colors flared so brightly, one could say it ran in the family.

As much as she strived not to frequent in her traveling, the desire to find the right place to live got the best of her. And she moved, from one Hold to another to a Weyr and so forth. She simply had no preference but the Weyr called to her not literally but close. Bouncing from Fort to Ista and then to the weyrs outside of the northern continent. Everywhere didnt seem to suit her and it soon came down to one place a Weyr, not surprisingly enough. Her choice of residency was Xanadu Weyr. This is where she settled her roots and start working. Weaving that is.


Name Relation Location Position
Felicity Lilcamp Mother Unknown Trader
Andre Lilcamp Father Unknown Trader
F'drio Brother High Reaches Weyr Rider of blue Orwinth
Felandre Brother Unknown Trader
Pashoeg Weyrmate Igen Weyr Harper


Auburn Banded Brown Huanxiong
A lithe and lanky shape of soft dusty brown sprawls across the nearest surface ina a gangly manner. As limbs and neck begin to separate themselves out, thin bars of black begin to appear banding horizontally across wide full wingsails and a lean, long back. The bands blur together at the trailing edge of each sail, turning them muddy against the dusty brown hide. Finally his tail appears from the awkward pile. Fiery auburn completely colors the top of his tail base to the tip of the fork crossed by rosy bands that mimic those on his wings.

Illusions of Independence Brown Ziyou
In deep roots, somber tones and common shades does this firelizard demonstrated true strength and resolve. Sand brown lightens his chest and stomach as well as the pointed mound at the tip of his muzzle which appears equally able to rend and tear as his gleaming talons. His four legs are even in length and well muscled, his neck short, his tail long and all darkened by a thin coat of still damp mud. Flushes of bronze and gold sweep over great wingsails to create an outward illusion of grandeur above the earthly brown which lays beneath. And that same illusion of majesty coats the strange ridge which spreads from the back of his head and spreads backward to defend his neck from attack and increases his appearance of size and is tipped by three polished gems upon its length.

Blue Lantianyubaiyun

Blue YingQiong

Rivers of Green Lushui
Liquid green, a rush of watery color as it coalesces upon this greens hide from her droplet splashed face and along to her refracted water beaded tail. Bright eyes peek out from shadowed ridges, a mockup of a daintly feminine face and the rest of her sweetly curved, in luscious female shape. Velvety green wings, that same watery green as it stretches across her sails, from wing tip to her trailing edges in a fascinating display of femininity.


Time of the Phoenix Green Shemsuth
Age-worn contours frame the shape of her in a weatherworn, elongated expanse of time gone by. Her spine is a serpentine river, from her crown to her tail-tip — a darkened sand-splattered beryl-green line that wends its way widening in some places, narrowing in others, all the length of her back. Her flanks are so lean as to almost be gaunt, adding further to the ophidian feel of her, the fields on either side of the river truly lush with the rising of sap and the first verdant growth of fertility on a flood plain. Around her narrow face and well-formed headknobs, flecks of deepened, sepulchral shadow create length and hollow, contrast indeed to the brilliant sandstone and vine-entangled outcroppings of her 'ridges and talons. Her wings are magnificent though, truly things one could imagine as lithium flames of fireworks across the sky - brilliant hues of her hide colour, laced through with lime and traceries of oxydized copper, spars wended through with lines of spectacular emerald and malachite. Truly, this green is a land of wondrous things, faded only by the passing of memory.


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