Gender Female
Nicknames Aja
Position Healer Sr. Journeyman
Specialty Mindhealing
Dragon Green Navenath
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Current Location Xanadu Weyr


Some people are just born with that look just begging any aunties or grannies to feed them, and Ajral happens to be one such person. If she had a bit more meat on her bones, the woman's towering height might be imposing, but her build leans more towards the wispy side. Dark brown hair that can't hold a curl for the life of her normally cascades down her back and frames a face with well-defined jaw and cheekbones. Her grey-green eyes are often impeccably made up, with eyebrows just as perfectly groomed, and she keeps her fingernails just as finely painted.


Ajral was born at High Reaches Weyr, where she is presumably the child of someone and also someone else — that being the most she ever knew. She was given to the creche at only days old and raised as any other weyrbrat would be. Bright and curious, she did well enough in Harper classes (though sometimes got bored, or wandered off, or simply forgot to turn up) and seemed utterly devoid of the thrill of dragons that was instilled in most Weyr children. At twelve she was bugging the aunties and the Weyrcrafters alike for someone, anyone to take her on — her lack of specific passion for a single task was what held up her search for a job.

A turn later, Ajral was finally selected as a student by one of the Healers on the merits of her soothing voice and her fine handwriting, something she had long and often worked on. It turned out she was decent at Healing concepts, too, though a class early on after her arrival at the Hall proper had her finding her path rather quickly. While she had to learn the basics of every form and of general practice just as any other Healer apprentice would, it was mindhealing that Ajral took a shine to and showed quick talent for. That soothing voice was one she was able to turn entreating, encouraging or enthralling as needed, and as she grew older and trained more she became a fast hand at defusing or redirecting tense situations. She's lost other skills — while she could do a basic suturing in an emergency, don't ask her to sew a finger back on — but reached that point of being trained enough, old enough and good enough to receive her Journeyman's knot a few months after turning nineteen.

The Hall sent her back to High Reaches first, but Ajral was dissatisfied, bored, and comfortable saying so. She wanted a change of environment. And did they ever get her one, recalling Ajral and sending her down south to the biggest change of environment that had a need: Xanadu Weyr.

On-Camera Developments

  • Was Searched for Leirith and Garouth's second clutch just before turning 21, and has stood many times since then (including Xermiltoth's clutch with Ilyscaeth just before R'hyn became Weyrleader).
  • Started working on a senior journeyman/eventual hopeful Mastery project that wasn't her original "dragon-assisted therapy" idea, citing that it would be a little more appropriately run by someone who has a dragon, but she does seem to be going for something that she's playfully described as "therapeutic drunkenness" to a few people.
  • After spending some time back at the Hall nitpicking things, actually became a senior journeyman, therapeutic drunkenness in hand.
  • … then agreed to stand one last time because Ki'lian asked (sorta). At twenty-eight, finally Impressed regrettable bitch Navenath, who is lucky she's hot for a dragon. This means that therapy thing is back on, sorry everyone.

Fealty to the Bone Empress Green Navenath

Brain, meet brawn: the dragon of your dreams wrapped in macabre, muscular majesty. Charisma oozes from her hide's every pore, sepulchral green stretched tight over corded strength, pressing inwards on ego that nevertheless scrapes at her seams. One must admit she earns her strange vanity; for a dragon, she is arresting, strong of face with windswept headknobs and a long, sculpted muzzle. Inky darkness pools around clever eyes, shattering an otherwise delicate shade of spring green in order to form deep hollows from high cheekbones to squared jaw. This derelict dark even notches the space between her nostrils before raking down over lips and chin. The effect is of a painted skull, one whose brethren ghost in and out of existence along bulging biceps, flashes of death everlasting hidden in haunted trails of pitch and foxfire. This phantasmic miasma ripples with her every step, there one moment, gone the next, leaving a mind to wonder if perhaps it was an elaborate deception until they show again: gaping jaws trapped in forever-laughter, spilling forth spirit-matter that coalesces again and again, forming skull after skull, ad wristum. Though touched by shimmering sickly splendor, the rest of her is rather plain in comparison, bulked musculature made stark by malachite hues that cling to their outer curves, no matter how ill the lighting. The only features to provoke this penumbral tedium are the gashes and slashes of garish chartreuse that burst from beneath clavicles, fading in ribcage crick-crackles over chest and stomach in ghoulish imitation of her sire.


  • Ajral loves plants, especially flowering ones. She keeps fresh flowers in her space whenever she can, and also has a tendency to doodle flowers (she's gotten pretty good at it). She's talented at watercolor at this point in her life, having studied it since age nineteen, but flowers are still her favorite.
  • Chronically just-a-little late for anything that isn't a professional appointment where she's the Healer and not the patient, which is Ajral's greatest shame. She doesn't like being late, but is terrible at lying to herself about things starting earlier.
  • Has an impressive risk-taking streak for someone who represents herself as practical and put together: it's in her nature just to want to find out what's going to happen, even if the answer turns out to be something bad. It's all research into the human condition.
  • Somehow half her friends are her patients, or half her patients are her friends, but this really is a coincidence or it's that literally everyone at Xanadu needs help.


Raw Sugar - Metric
Shine a Light - Wolf Parade
Three or Four - The New Pornographers
Autoclave - The Mountain Goats
Silence is Golden - Garbage

And Navenath's playlist, which is perfect, from R'hyn and Risali <3



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