Rinian / Airin



A wealth of sable brown hair crowns her, and falls in loose waves to the small of her back. A few strands of light brown and even gold twine their way through the thick tresses, and over all the color is a good match for her lightly tanned skin. She's fairly slight, almost reaching the five foot mark if she stands up really straight, and of a slender build but for still some healthy chubbiness of youth filling out her face. A spattering of light freckles dust across her nose and cheeks, difficult to see unless one is looking closely, and her eyes are the deep green of the forests she loves.


Born the daughter of a Woodsman and a Weaver, she grew up Lemos Hold. From her father she learned a love of the forests, and from her mother the joy of creating beautiful things. In her it has combined into creating items of wood of all kinds. She loves to carve and make little figurines most of all, and following that making beautiful and functional furniture. She joined the Woodsmith hall and has been working hard in learning all about her craft, even the parts she doesn't particularly enjoy, like mixing stains and preservatives, and improving her skills so that one day soon she may walk the tables and become a Journeywoman.


Serious. Very serious. Did I mention serious? She was raised very strictly, to adhere to very traditional values. One must never be rude. One must always be obedient and respectful to one's elders and those of higher rank. Always be helpful. Always be kind. Always work hard. Sometimes though, it is possible to get her to smile, and laugh. And even..a complete giggle-fit. That last is rather harder to achieve.


Name Relation Location Position
Taeli cousin? Xanadu Hunter




This sprout of a firelizard is entirely green - like a field or forest - but her dappled hide mingles variegated shades of that verdant hue, from the bright of new spring leaves to the jade of myrtle. The patches of various green grow together densely and overlap each other, like leaves of different sorts all tossed together in profusion. She's darker along her back, more pine and hunter hues caught by the bowl of her saw-toothed wingsails, while birch and lettuce pale her underside. That same gradual shift in overall hue is echoed on each wing, from darker shoulder through to pale honeydew tips by gradual alteration in the proportions of a garden's worth of greenery. The frondlets of a fern splay to either side of her neck-ridges, their shade accenting that aspect of her form, while her tail is a long vine to sway and tangle.



Smooth and silky caramel swaths this dragon's hide in sumptuous regality. This bold, leonine color starts at the tip of his nose, but as if it has been stretched tight, it is swift to grow palid as it inches towards bright, brilliant eyes. Creamier tones slide across his face, streaked here, freckled there, and one can almost see the colors shift and move as dark, medium and light twist, battle, and slip amongst each other, melting slowly into a rich, heavy loam that enshrouds a thick neck and strong shoulders in a ruff of gilded browns. This play of colors dances along his 'ridges and down stocky, stubby legs. It's these legs that will never match those of his peers, thick like trunks yet their length never amounting to what one would consider 'normal'. Caramel, chocolate and cream twine their way along his hide, spiralling along his sides before climbing like vines up an expansive pair of wings. These sails are what his limbs lack, expanding for what seems like days, billowing out behind him like they could have a mind of their own. Dark espresso can be seen peeking from beneath them as he moves, deep tones warming to rich milk chocolate when light filters through them. Finally there's his twitchy tail, long but solid as the rest of his form. One perhaps might think that this would weigh him down but it seems to bring him a sense of balance, sheer length and flexibility making up for any lack brought on by his body's sure, heavy steps. It is only when one inspects his hide closely does the nearly hidden flecks of pale white cherry blossom make their delicate entrance. Dancing down his spine like a light spring rain, these petal soft shapes start to dwindle half-way down his sides and are gone long before making it to the bottom of his belly.


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