The almond shape of this boy's eyes speaks of an Asian bloodline, the irises contained within a deep klah brown hue. The brows above thin and arched. A long nose leads to a pair of deep rosy lips more often than not drawn back into a whimsical grin to reveal straight brilliant white teeth. His head is topped with a mop of golden highlighted brown hair, long bangs feathering back away from his face and back into the length of the rest that drapes just past his neck.

Pulled over his awkwardly elongating limbs, is a pair of tan trousers with patches hastily sewn at both knees. A slightly oversized short sleeved tunic in Harper blue, well and often repaired, has been pulled over his head. The hem cuts off just above his knees. All of this is belted at the waist to keep his attire locked upon his skinny frame. Feet are dressed in a pair of boots a size too large, and tend to make him walk a bit more carefully when worn.


Born to a Goldrider and Bronzerider at Ierne Weyrhold, Aiden knew the plight of the weyrborn very well. Shuffled between this foster parent or that, he still managed to turn out to be a happy and cheerful lad. After the death of his birth mother during a tragic accident, he was shuffled off to his Aunts at Xanadu and lives there to this very day.


Name Relation Location Position Status Dragon
Faye Mother Ierne Weyrhold Goldrider Deceased Kizmyth
Idon Father Ierne Weyrhold Bronzerider NPC Justith
Soren Older Half-Brother Ierne Weyrhold Bluerider NPC Wyeth
Raechil Younger Half-Sister Ierne Weyrhold Weyrbrat NPC
Staven Uncle Southern Boll Smithcrafter NPC
Yenna Aunt Xanadu Weyr Journeyman Healer NPC
Serra Aunt Xanadu Weyr Assistant Steward NPC
Frena Aunt Xanadu Weyr Huntress NPC
Pavel Cousin Southern Boll Toddler Terror NPC

* All NPCs are adopable save for those who are deceased






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