Sex Female
Craft SeaCraft
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Coast Guard & Rescue
Ship The Sea Glass
Position Coxswain
Birthplace Xanadu Weyr
Home Xanadu Weyr
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Amber

Lithe and lean features definitely add to the height of this young woman. She’s not a giant, but she's probably only a few inches shy of 6 foot and while she has feminine curves they are actually pretty slight for her frame. The swarthiness to her warm olive complexion compliments the long dark hair pulled back into a messy bun at the nape of her neck. The appearance suggests she hadn’t much time to be bothered with it, but given the amount of bands holding it in place it's easily half the length of her back. Beyond her height her eyes are easily the most attention catching feature. They are large, amber brown and heavily lidded. Something about the proportions of these give her a the appearance of being younger than she actually is. This is added to by her high cheekbones that together with full lips keep her square jaw and strong chin from looking too harsh and masculine. Even her prominent somewhat hooked nose has such a size relation to her face that it contributes to making others second guess her age.

Aethra wears fairly practical clothes for her craft. A cream colored blouse, short in the sleeves and with a forgiving neckline sits over her frame and allows for plenty of mobility to climb lines. Her shorts too, lend to this, being cut midway at her thigh though it looks like they probably would fit a shorter person a bit lower on the leg. She wears a pair of simple hide shoes with a grippy sole that lace low but secure to allow plenty of security for climbing. Around her neck is a leather thong with a carved iridescent shell shaped like a blazing star that glitters in the light. The other which hangs lower, almost concealed by the shirt, has what appears to be carved bone or tooth of an old spyglass. About her right wrist is a bracelet of intricately woven leather in dark sea blue greens with a few sparkling beads threaded through. Her other wrist bears a leather cuff with dancing waves carved into the rich warm hide. On her shoulder sits the knot of a SeaCraft Journeyman at Xanadu Weyr.


Aethra was born in Xanadu, the only daughter of Aereo, son of T’eo of Bronze Raenth. And as such she was certainly destined for travel or, more especially, the sea. At a very early age she was ship bound, accompanying her mother Nethra shortly after birth to be introduced to her father at one of the holds. It was remarked on how soundly she slept in the steady rocking of the Sea Glass, her family’s ship, and since then when she wasn’t playing in the sand with her grandaunt’s brown Loyauth, she was in or on the water with the tiny skiff her father had made her.

Growing up in the weyr, combined with the gregariousness of her mother, counteracted the inherent shyness of half her family. The first kid to say ‘hello’, bright eyed and glaringly independent. So independent that when she came of age, she had no issues leaving her family to go to the craft hall for the first few turns of her Apprenticeship. As the granddaughter of a prominent Seacraft Bronzerider who’d been a Weyrleader at more than one weyr in the past, she was treated very well by the Masters and Journeymen. However not as well by her peers.
The teasing was under the radar of most of the staff and the very proud Aethra wasn’t about to let her family or the hall know. She had learned from her time on the docks and among her family's crew that a snitch usually got worse treatment rather than better. And so she endured quite a bit of harassment, not all of it innocuous. Especially as she began to become a young woman. Around 16 turns she visited her grandfather with an odd request: Fencing lessons. Through probing questions during these lessons T’eo began to suspect what was going on. After discussions with her parents, Aethra was “reassigned” to be Apprentice under one of his fellow Journeymen at Ista.

Over the next few turns Aethra got the chance to develop and flourish, working closely with rescue divers and Dolphineers in Ista’s beautiful but sometimes tumultuous waters. She was back in a sort of bubble, protected by her family ties, but not around the Weyr proper enough for it to matter. At 18 turns, just as she was starting her studies for her Journeyman bid, news came of her father’s illness. He could no longer attend the Seaglass as he had in the past. Aethra was given permission to return to Xanadu and her immediate family to assist but also be there with him for what may be his final turns. She made Journeyman a turn after, serving under her mother as coxswain aboard her family’s ship in hopes that one day she will be Captain.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Aereo Father Xanadu Weyr Seacraft Journeyman N/A
Nethra Mother Xanadu Weyr Seacraft Journeyman N/A
Teila Half-Aunt Xanadu Weyr Resident N/A
Surie Step-Aunt Xanadu Weyr Resident N/A
Zee Step-Aunt Xanadu Weyr Resident N/A
Alistaur Step-Uncle Xanadu Weyr Resident N/A
T'eo Grandfather Ista Weyr Retired Bronze Raenth
Aeris Grandmother Xanadu Weyr Retired Gold Aelith
L'alie Step-Grandmother Xanadu Weyr Retired Brown Adinaeth
Lorena Grand Aunt Ista Weyr Retired Brown Loyauth


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