Pretty enough to fool a man into thinking she's a lady, the fair-complexion and oft-sweet smile Aeryn sports may beguile the unwary when suspicion might better serve. Everything about her says 'soft' - her face is framed in loose waves of brown-gold hair that normally tumbles to her waist, but is worn up in a twist when she is on duty. Expressive brows, slightly darker than her hair, frame shadowed, grey, thick-lashed eyes. Wide cheekbones are divided by a straight, no nonsense nose. Giving hint to the resiliency within, are her firm lips and a strong jaw. The rest of her is of mid-height, and she tends to the soft and curvy rather than the willowy or obviously muscular - features that might cause others to misjudge the strength she does have.

Tonight her long hair is bound up in an intricate twist, leaving her neck and shoulders bared. A simple necklace and matching earrings of Igen shellfish beads mimic the tint of both eyes and dress. A soft-woven sleeveless dress of lilac that clings where it should and drapes where it shouldn't falls to mid-calf.


What is known about Aeryn is that she currently resides at Hannista Hold, working as kitchen help there. She is among the women hostages that have been taken to Xanadu by the unfortunate X'hil, who suffered her ire when he thwarted her escape attempt. Her arrival at Xanadu was a rather humiliating one; she arrived trussed hand and foot, like a sack of tubers across bronze kinseth's back. It was the only way X'hil was willing to transport Aeryn after she kneed him in the groin. And he had to knock her unconscious to do it.

What her future will be is anyone's guess when the Hannista Hostage situation is over. Will she stay at the Weyr or return to Hannista? and why is she so hostile to dragonriders? The question that really begs asking is where did she come from and what are her affiliations? No one but Aeryn seems to know and she's keeping tight-lipped about it.


Delinquent Prodigy Blue Smirk
Scruples? Rules? What are those? Baby, we don't need those petty things. We're /above/ the mandates - lawless, even! With a whiplash-long tail and a hooded set of eyes that promise you the world, the Delinquent Prodigy blue certainly seems as if he's that much of a renegade. Wide and wonderful are his wings, night-sky blue shot through with flames of blackest-black. Midnight, empty, soulless, haunting, echoes across a lithe if not stocky form (He's not short! Shut up!). His face, at least, is dazzled through with less a less daunting color, sky-blue slivers arching over his brows and dancing across his muzzle, giving him the appearance of a perpetual smirk, even when he's being perfectly serious… which isn't often, mind you, but he has his moments. Ultramarine and sapphire fight for dominance over his lightning-licked legs and forearms, the vortex of colors easily ignorable when, from out of the negative darkness of his paws flee strikes and pegs of yellow and white that seem to be perpetually glowing. Along his back 'ridges and sweeping to the base of his forked tail is a map of stars, some large, some small, some red, some piercingly white. They all pool in a soft, pale blue at the tip of the firelizard's tails, creating a great cluster of a universe at the end of the inky midnight that is the Delinquent Prodigy Blue.


Title OOC Date Cast
The Hook is Baited August 02, 2012 Barmaid (npc'd by Thea), Biran (npc'd by Th'ero), Esr'lan, Jaye
Recruited! August 07, 2012 Ers'lan, Jaye, Laris, Renegade Woman (npc'd by Thea)
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