Of average height and very slender, Aeriste looks no older than his early teens. Chin-length white-blond hair frames his sharp features and complements the pallor of skin that would rather burn than tan; his vivid blue eyes contrast starkly with his bleached-out looks.
He's clad in a gray shirt and black trousers; his shoes are slightly scuffed, but presentable. At his shoulder is the knot of a healer apprentice.


Out of very average beginnings often come those who seek to rise above such modest circumstances, and even in this Aeriste is no exception. From Xanadu Weyr, he was a flight baby, and was immediately fostered out by his very busy parents… and has undoubtedly caused his foster mother much chagrin with his insatiable curiosity and acerbic mouth. But the key to shutting him up has always been to keep him busy; his passion for learning and being of use let him to inflicting himself upon the Weyr's Healers, with whom he eventually apprenticed. The last Turn or so has seen him training at the Healer Hall, but of late he's returned to the Weyr to finish his apprenticeship.


There are no logs for Aeriste

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