Aereo is rather tall for his age, but rather spindly in his youth. His skin is bronzed for a child who spends so much time outdoors, and his sepia brown hair has sprays of reddish golds from the bleaching sun. His face is much like his fathers in prominent features, his brows, cheeks and chin becoming prominent. But his more rounded face gives him a squarish look to his jaw, and his nose is flatter and more broad. He has amber eyes but the lighter brown color of his eyebrows soften them, giving him more of a deeply pensive look.
Aereo is wearing clothes befitting a SeaCraft apprentice. He wears a light blue collared shirt, with the lacing open at his throat more often than not. The sleeves are rolled neatly and it's buckled about his waist with black belt of buffed hide. His pants are a dark navy blue, sometimes rolled neatly up to his knees to reveal his skinny legs and his feet are in a set of water-worthy clogs. On his shoulder he bears the knots of a Xanadu resident and a SeaCraft apprentice.


Aereo was born nearly simultaneously with his half sister Teila to bronze rider T'eo and Jr. Weyrwoman Aeris at Xanadu weyr. He was virtually raised between the two mothers, Teila's L'alie, brown rider and weyrmate of his father, and his own mother. He spent most of his life growing up in the Weyr and was proved a very helpful and honest child, if a bit timid compared to his half-sister. The bond between them has been close, being raised so close together.
Around the age of 6 turns, his father had been seen less and less, having gone from Wingleader of Search and Rescue to a Craftrider. This meant he was often out at sea for long periods of time, which caused a good deal of problems in this strange little family. L'alie took up briefly with the roving bronzer L'ton and bore a daughter named Zee. Around this time came another daughter by this same bronzer and Aereo's own mother named Zaerla. But it was to be Zee he would see more of, staying faithfully by Teila unless specifically pulled away by his mother. This only happened in formal introductions and such.
Naturally, to children, sibling acquisitions like these at such a young age had little effect. Zee was now his sister, even if not remotely by blood. But he was more than a little confused when L'alie and T'eo broke apart over this new arrival and later he was to have another bronzer as his 'father'. L'alie took up with R'sul who had become Weyrleader, a quiet bookish figure for a bronze rider, similar to his own father in some ways and very very different in others. Aereo and Teila were often sent off to spend time with their own father for long periods at a time, who enthusiastically greeted them and took them into his care, having lost his ship to some political battle inside SeaCraft. It was at this time T'eo started to teach Aereo, and sometimes Teila, about the sea.
His father was called to be Weyrleader at Western Weyr around this same time. He saw less and less of him, but spent a lot of his free time running down to the docks to be with his aunt, brown rider Lorena, and the other Sea Crafters. Sometimes Teila would join him, sometimes not. He got to have great trips to visit his father, sometimes taken by L'alie and other times by Lorena. His father was always more than happy to have them, though was often had pressed to find time to spend with them as he settled into the new Weyr. Into their life came M'iri. The blue rider had always been a good friend to L'alie and T'eo and they had often played with Samira when they were all much younger, but she had become T'eo's weyrmate and thusly part of the family.
A series of very unfortunate events came to pass. Feline attacks cause M'iri to miscarry T'eo's child and thus leave him in a combination of shame and depression. At this same time two more had been added into the 'family'. L'alie had twins- a boy, Alistaur and girl, Surie. But R'sul, although accepting of this new charge wasn't so pleased. Things passed that made no sense to child or adult a like, but ended with L'alie returning to T'eo. The broken-spirited bronze rider took her back without question.
Aereo and Teila took trips back and forth to Western throughout their turns as L'alie worked as Weyrsecond at Xanadu and T'eo as Weyrleader at Western. Aereo learned all the ins and outs of both places with Teila in tow. Or rather it was often the other way around. As they got older, however, they were split by desire. Aereo was far more interested in SeaCraft than Teila, who had a desire to learn more of her mother's art, Glasscrafting. When Aereo reached 12 turns, T'eo, now Weyrsecond, but still with considerably little time, pulled his strings and set Aereo up with Xanadu's finest Masters and Journeyman in the Craft.


Name Relation Location Position
T'eo Father Western Weyr Weyrsecond
Aeris Mother Xanadu Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman
Lorena Aunt Ista Weyr Wingrider
Teila Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr NPC
Zaerla Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr NPC
L'alie Foster/Step Mother Xanadu Weyr Craftrider
Zee Foster/Step Sister Xanadu Weyr NPC
Alistaur Foster/Step Brother Xanadu Weyr NPC
Surie Foster/Step Sister Xanadu Weyr NPC

—for more extended family see +finger


Missing a Few Toes Blue Drow
There is something very obviously not quite right about this firelizard. While he seems well proportioned and well built, with lean muscle and a lanky, outstretched form, he is very clearly missing a few toes. Oddly shaped, his back paws seem to only have two larger digits while his front ones have three. Most of his body is covered with a murky, sapphire blue that seems so dark it might be mistaken for black. His headknobs are elongated and almost pointed and his teeth seem to stick out a bit from beneath his pointy muzzle. A too long, too thin whip-like tail constantly twitches behind him, moving as if it had a mind of its own. His long wings are nearly midnight in coloration, stretched thin between spindly spars that look craggy and not quite put together correctly.



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