A'ven is not particularly tall for his age, nor particularly handsome. He seems to have inherited a good portion of the native strength from his father though. A bear of a man at 40 Turns, his muscular definition indicates a great deal of hard work. He may be a little past his prime, but it would be a serious mistake to underestimate him. He carries himself with discipline, standing tall as his alert brown eyes survey his surroundings. His eyes are deep, large, and expressive, much like his father. His movements do not seem rushed or unplanned, but they are sometimes awkward as his growing body betrays him. His hands are not unused to work, though they lack some of the scars and wear you might find on an older man. His hair is nearly combed and short enough to spike at the top just a bit. It is predominantly black, but in the right light one might notice some brown highlights, a definite family hallmark from his mother.

A'ven is wearing his flying leathers. On his shoulder, the single loop, single-loop knot of blue and orange that marks him as a rider for Xanadu Weyr. The heavy fur-lined wherhide jacket is bloused and tucked in at the wrists and ankles to keep out the cold of between.


Alveren is an experienced middle-aged rider. He is the son of Cordila and Y'tan (Yaltan). Yaltan was a former Weyrleader and Cordila a Master Baker. He comes from a large supportive family. He is devoted to his dragon, bronze Glyith. They fly together for Xanadu Weyr where he is currently a rider. The intense routine suits him, though he does pay occasional visits to the Healer Hall also. This allows him to pursue his chosen Craft as well. He has had many adventures in his life, and walks with confident self-assurance that comes from having done most of what he set out to do. Always, with his lifemate beside him.


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