A'dmar is fairly tall, for a Pernese man - but that may not be the first noticeable thing about him. Smooth and sienna skinned, this man has obviously spent a great deal of time in the sun - either in the Southern tropics or in the Northern deserts. No matter his origins, his darker coloring is not limited to his skin - it extends to his hair, beard and eyes, rather suiting him in its shading. Espresso-colored hair is cropped reasonably short, though long enough to style. A full beard, mustache and goatee are kept fairly close, neatly trimmed and manicured. His facial features may cause many ladies to consider him quite handsome - a strong jaw, full lips, and expressive dark eyes. His nose might be a bit on the large side, but it, too, suits him. Sparkling in his left ear, a golden loop hangs from his earlobe - not large enough to be gaudy, but certainly noticeable, while a smaller golden droplet sits in the upper curve of his ear. On his arms when he fails to wear long sleeves are the black ink stains of a basic type of tattooing, limited to black. The tattoo ranges up his forearms, shaped like the winged feathers belonging to a desert bird. Underneath, should his chest be exposed, is a tribal tattoo in the design of a sun.

The man's frame has a decent amount of muscle, showing behind whatever he wears. Hes not bulky though, rather he has a lean type of muscle, sinewy but strong. He always wears something fashionable, choosing attire that is well looked after, cleaned and pressed, each item paired just right with another. Currently he is wearing a cotton pale yellow shirt that is kept unbuttoned at the collar. Below it, the ribbed purple undershirt is thin enough to suggest and expose the built muscle of his solid body; broad shoulders, a fine, sinewy torso, and a solid abdomen. An exquisite charcoal jacket, sharp and crisp, sits over the yellow shirt, often left open and loose. His long, thick thighs are clad in a pair of ivory slacks that emphasize the backside. As for accessories, a powder blue scarf wraps once around his neck with tail ends left to hang loose in front, while brightly colored metal bangles wrap around both wrists. On his feet, often shining and clean, is a pair of dark lace up calf-high boots or tan colored loafers whatever goes with his outfit of the day.


Neither climate nor terrain can historically keep man from evolving to the conditions of a chosen life, forging an existence despite the challenges. This was the same for the Quoin clan, a nomad tribe of people, a holdless people, who wander the vast Northern landscape. Their livelihood stems from trade of stories, of goods, and whatever else that they were able to pawn off. Their existence a harsh one, with life spans short. Their language diluted from the regional dialect, making communication with them sometimes difficult.

This tribe, these drifters of the sand dunes, is where Cadamar got his start. He was born to the pairing of one of the chieftains, Cadormer, and one of Cadormer's many pursuits, Andrinna. Cadamar was not the first of Andrinna's children nor was he the last. And while Cadormer extended his family with several other women, Andrinna's family would only extend to four; nameless others having never survived as fortunately as Cadamar and his siblings had.

As it was, the life of the Quoin's took them from Nerat, to the Snowy Wastes, and back through the Igen desert. His childhood was vastly different from what others of his age would experience; it was always done on the move. It tested the children as well as they adults at every turn. There were stints of violence with other holdless or renegade clans, constant worry over being 'taken' by the Weyr or Hold people, unsympathetic natural conditions and sicknesses, and numerous other circumstances that would challenge each and every nomad Quoin.

Lives were gained and lost. It became a normal occurrence. A cycle of life that even the children became accustomed to.

Still, the Quoins never believed themselves renegades. They were a simple (yet exotic) people who only desired a free way of living, without rules but their own to follow. While they didn't necessarily develop religion, the people had become very spiritual over time and over generations, establishing a unique culture within the clan. Most outsiders would view them as barbaric, uncultured, rash and a threat to the way of life in Weyr, Hall, or Hold.

Cadamar, before he came to be in the hands of dragonriders, had experienced the loss and hardship from an early age. Though unlike the way some would break under this pressure, he like other boys of his clan, took up the mantle to better themselves and to harden themselves against the world in all the ways that it mattered. They gained strength and endurance by facing the elements, they developed wit by using camouflage to their advantage, they became ruthless and yet empathic, they worked and lived as a team.


Name Relation Location Position Age Clan Title
Cadormer Father Wandering Quoin Nomad Chief + 43 Turns Chiefton of Quoin
Andrinna Mother Wandering Quoin Nomad + 21 Turns Spearwife of the Moon
Casandra Sister Wandering Quoin Nomad +9 Turns Daughter of the Moon
Andorian Brother Wandering Quoin Nomad +7 Turns Son of the Rain Chief
Ayman Brother Wandering Quoin Nomad + 5.5 Turns Son of the Snake Sand
Cadomar - A'dmar Player Ierne Weyrhold Business Owner of Quoin Post -/+ Son of the Silent Step
Tarimir Daughter - PC Western Weyr Starcraft App. - 28 Turns Daughter of the Weyr
Cadormer Son With Etzlix Mewling Infant - 44 Turns Son of the Spear
Edzamir Son With Etzlix Mewling Infant - 44 Turns Son of the Wilds
Tazamarix Son Deceased Deceased Deceased Son of the Dagger
Non - Bloods
R'gui Brother Made Deceased Deceased Deceased Brother Made on Grief
Vinari Wife Deceased Deceased Deceased Soft Wife of the Dragon
Etzlix Concubine - PC Eastern Weyr Seacraft App. - 27 Turns Woman of Many Hearts
C'yr Brother Made - PC Xanadu Weyr Wingrider - 4 Turns Brother Made on Enemy Steel

A'dmar has MANY MANY other relations, from uncles to aunts and neices and nephews to other half siblings. He does not have any other children than those listed already. If you wish to play one, please let me know!


Bronze Yarovith

Reddish-gold star dust mars the otherwise untainted darkness sprawling over this robust beast. A green metallic sheen can only be discovered when light illuminates and dances against the black-copper hide, as if the northern lights lived upon his form. A tapered snout explodes with an orange burst, the color plastered on the tip of his muzzle, with a blending comet-tail of shimmering amber swept up the bridge. His head is wide and thick, with eye ridges craggy like silhouetted mountains against a night, in affect producing a permanent sinister frown. Head-knobs and neck ridges follow the same trend; sharp jagged peaks against a long muscular neck. This creature has developed to be efficient, with his ribcage and chest slender, while his hindquarters are large and full of muscle, set on wide sprawling feet tipped with obsidian talons. Due to his size, wings are broad and lengthy, with spars dipped in milky silver and spar-talons glinting with ruddy winking highlights. Behind him, a slender tail is abruptly forked with an oversized spade, very clunky in appearance and awkward compared to the rest of him.

About Yarkovith's shoulders rests a set of brightly colored fashionable straps. Dyed a bright yellow-gold, they gleam in the light, looking brand new against the dark hide of Yarovith. Leaf scroll work is stamped into the leather and the buckles are actually shaped with fern like buckles. The straps have several odd clips around the width, as if attachments could be made. By the looks of it, these attachments are long streaming banners.



Title OOC Date Cast
Technology is a Matter of Tradeoffs January 03, 2013 A'dmar, Jethaniel, Thea,
Sneakiness, an Update and a Reprimand January 05, 2013 A'dmar, Garait
So Nice to Have Met You January 05, 2013 A'dmar, Jarse (npc)
War of the Knots January 14, 2013 A'dmar, Thea, Zahleizjah
New Arrivals January 14, 2013 Muir, Mikal, Idrissa, Hotaru, Soriana, Datsun, Thea, A'dmar, Qirin
Day is Done January 26, 2013 A'dmar, Garait, Jethaniel
Highly. Inefficient. (Round Up - Day 3) January 27, 2013 Anoryn, Darsce, Datsun, Ers’lan, Garait, Hotaru, Idrissa, Jethaniel, Pharse (npc’d by Garait), Thea, Zahleizjah
Pink Slip January 28, 2013 A'dmar, Thea
Receiving a Guest February 03, 2013 A'dmar, Jethaniel
Going Separate Ways February 12, 2013 A'dmar, Thea
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