Dark brown hair sprouts out from the young lad's head, highlighted with reddish tints that streaks down to his mid-back. His hair is tied back with a simple black-colored thong, though tendrils of hair tends to escape capture and slip down into his triangle-shaped face. Dark green eyes peer interestedly out at the world beneath thin eyebrows, over-looking a rather short nose. The young man has a rather light tan to his complextion that darkens over his lithe form suggesting that the youth spends a lot of time in the sun. Even at this age he's rather short for his size, dwarfing under most his age. But dispite his stature he seems to have a slight development of muscles in his arms and abdomen, hinting that he may get a bit of exercise.

He is usually seen wearing a light-tan tunic that is tied around the waist, the tunic almost seems to be a few sizes too big for him. As if the person who made them suspected him to grow into them at some point or another and he never really did. His white pants, too, seem a little loose around his legs and too long which causes him to trip on them from time to time.


From birth, life was never easy for Andis, being the youngest child to two riders, especially considering that his father was a bronzerider and his mother a greenrider. Being raised in Eastern Weyr and having having two older twin sisters also wasn't easy for the youngster. And, while he got on great with them both, it was always hard to tell which was which, even at the best of times. And being switched around from parent to parent to parent, as well between the nannies, always meant that he was someplace different and had to accommodate appropriately. This was all well and good, and eventually he grew up and his sisters were searched for the the sands and impressed, leaving him the only one in the family without a lifemate. But that didn't stop him, no, he would accomplish himself in other areas, what, the youth didn't know yet. But he would prove he was just as good as anyone else, whatever it is that he would do.+


Name Relation Location Position
Susia Mother Rubicon River Hold Watchrider with Green Torikath
C'andi Father Eastern Weyr Rider with Bronze Seiryuth
F'bian Step-father Rubicon River Hold Watchrider with Blue Oscuranachth
Jei Sister Ista Weyr Rider with Green Yxelth
Candia Sister Southern Hold Rider with Brown Cinrath
Jenia Niece Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Serena Niece Ista Weyr Weyrbrat


Equus Quagga Bronze Convict
As if, somehow, the drought depicted on the shell of this egg has penetrated and affected the firelizard within, the Equus Quagga Bronze is unnaturally thin; his neck ridges seem to come to more fine of a point than any other 'lizard, and his entire body seems naught more than skin stretched over a lanky frame of bone. Predominantely a glittering shade of metallic copper, a melded blend of gold, green, and sparkling chocolate, this bronze is quite a dazzling specimen for his rank. Drizzled atop the dazzling bronze that coats this boy, a droll and dull hue reminiscent of mud, but to bring the color to life, flecks of gold pockmark the stripes that cover the bronze like a zebra. The spikes that crawl down his spine are more reddish-copper; a glimmering, sanguine elixer drizzled over the fine, pointed blades. His overall attitude matches appearance; this bronze is pushy and demanding, /he/ is /the/ highest ranked priority in your world, don't ever question that. He won't hestitate to raise hell, and make a scene when things aren't going his way — so be prepared to lavish him with attention and spoil him rotten.

Bumbling Imberbis Green Lumsi
Soft pale green shimmers lightly on the soft surface of this rather lopsided looking firelizard. Her wings are oversized and over balanced, though it seems to fit her skinny body, albeit it perhaps in a comical manner. There are hardly any varying shades of to her, giving her a smooth and almost glossy look, Her tail is a crooked little affair as it seems to kink in the middle slightly, all in all she seems to be one goofy looking green.


Strangely Enchanted Blue Dalasith
This dragon proves that you don't have to sacrifice versatility for elegance. Starting at his elongated muzzle, a soft powder blue flows down his lithe neck, broad chest, long trunk and finally wispy tail. The light color brings out the dragons well toned frame, every aspect of his musculature enhanced beautifully by the fair shade. As the eye wanders along the rest of this creatures hide it becomes apparent that the powdery shade is not the only color that has painted him. Starting at the base of his sharply chiseled headknobs, the powder darkens until it gives way to royal blue. The darker hue goes on to engulf his flowing neckridges, the very tips of which have been dipped in lavender. Lining his large and vibrant eyes is a violent indigo, capturing the youth and intelligence that dwells beneath his hide. Like silky fabric caught in the breeze, two billowy wingsails flow from away from his body. They sparkle in a translucent periwinkle, his spars lined with a faint silver that match his sharp talons.


Title OOC Date Cast
Accosting a Random Stranger August 28, 2010 A'di, Ashkeia
Firelizards are a Nuisance August 28, 2010 A'di, Tecoah
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