A bit over six feet, and rather muscular, though not overly bulky. His hair is a dark auburn and is pulled back, away from his face, into a slightly messy ponytail. Wisps of bangs hang down in his face, though not enough to obscure his eyes. Speaking of his eyes, they are a strange combination of blue and green, like a midnight ocean, and seem to twinkle, lit from deep within by some kind of inner light. His facial features are actually quite strong for someone his age, and there are a few scars on his face. He has an aristocratic nose, and thin lips.

He wears a sleeveless high-necked black shirt, a pair of loose dark green pants, and a pair of heavy brown boots. The shirt is quite snug, fitting like a second skin. It rides a little high on his waist, leaving a tiny bit of skin visible. By contrast, the dark green pants he wears are loose and baggy, and have a number of pockets along the length of the legs. The boots have large, thick soles upon them, easily enough to protect his feet, and are laced tightly with black laces.


The son of Two Harpers, Aradir grew up a relatively normal child. His parents had great plans for him, that he would join the ranks of the Harpers alongside them. But he had other ideas. He had no interest whatsoever in the arts of the Harper. Aradir grew up with a fascination for the inner workings of clocks. He was forever taking apart clocks, putting them back together, fixing them when something minor went wrong with them. His mother, Dirae, was relatively fine with it (though she did not like it, but she respected his decision). His father Aranard however, was livid. Never mind the fact that poor Aradir never could carry a tune even if it had a handle, was about as charming as a brick, had messy handwriting, and not very good at telling stories. Aranard thought it could be coaxed out of him - surely it was hereditary! But Aradir would have none of it. At the age of thirteen, Aradir and his father had a huge argument. The upshot of it was that Aradir packed his things and left. And where did he go? Why, Smithcraft Hall of course. He wanted to be a clockmaker.


Name Relation Location Position
Dirae Mother Harper Hall Harper
Aranard Father Harper Hall Harper


Pansy Violet Blue Aloysius
A deep violet smothers this blue's blunt muzzle, the color meandering along his broad set jaw, vertical streaks of blackish blue highlighting his large eyes. A shocking egg yolk yellow covers his small and thick headknobs, the small vivid yellow painting his tiny neckridges and short forked tail. The rest of his stout body is awash in a pale periwinkle, veins of the darker color rising up from his stubby legs ending in black claws. His wings are in stark contrast with the rest of his build, the ivory sails give off a more refined feel than the rest of his body as they flow away from his trunk, capped in ivory talons.

Royal Hairless Green Oihana
One thing is obvious about all firelizards: it is the fact that they have hide instead of hair. This little green is no exception; though the powdery white streaks that run down the top of her head — between widespread long headknobs — and tickle along the top over her mossy long snout might look otherwise. Her body is thin, lean, and elegant with a small symmetrical frame that is nearly all a uniform shady forest green, darkening even more in the thin quivering wings of hers. The filament-looking thin ivory stripes repeat themselves mid-way down each dainty leg and covers the whip-thin tail down to a very snowy tip.


Over the Top Blue Zeituth
This medium sized blue is a physical representation of a textbook dragon. His lean musculature over a pristine bone structure makes for a form to be envied by any dragon. Gentle ridges lead down his back to a thin whip-like tail. His snout is perfectly molded, tapering in with a strong jaw line. He has big eyes seated under faintly drawn eyeridges. The majority of this dragon's hide has been coated in a pleasant sky blue. A long gray stripe runs from tip of the tail to a sharp point down his snout. This ashen spine falls into gray tiger stripes down the blue's body. Thin lines of silver accentuate the stripes, giving them a rocky appearance. Similar markings dress the wrists and ankles of the blue, becoming thicker and darker as they near soot colored claws. The broad wings of this beast maintain a softer blue underneath, while the tops are coated in a slaty pewter.


Title OOC Date Cast
Gone Fishing January 02, 2009 A'dar, Delynni, Fiara, and Thea
Weyrling Lesson: Unmanned Flight January 06, 2009 E'gin(NPC) , A'dar, Neferennu, Thea, and V'dim(NPC)
Foggy Day January 21, 2009 A'dar, Delynni, and Thea
Weyrling Lesson: Manned Flight January 22, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, E'gan, Thea, and V'dim(NPC)
Weyrling Lesson: Betweening January 24, 2009 A'dar, R'miel, Saige, Thea, and V'dim (NPC)
Cenlia Impresses a Firelizard January 30, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, K'vin, and Tay
Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009 February 1, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niva, R'miel, Rohelte, R'sul, Saige, S'ya, Thea, Ysa, and Zipalla
A Talk With A'dar April 7, 2009 A'dar, Thea
Rude Awakening April 17, 2009 A'dar, Enkavir, Jessamin, Kire, Riyontali, Thea
Arrested in Ista! June 17, 2009 A'dar, D'son, Kerys, K'nan, Niah, Ph'lip, Shorynia, Sigam, Tellus, Thea
What We Used to Be June 19, 2009 A'dar, K'nan, Sigam, Thea
A Toast To Friendship August 22, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia
Post Pub-Night Tantrum & Talking August 25, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, X'hil
What's Bugging You? February 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, R'miel, Thea, and Ysa
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