Nyunath's Flight Record

[Clutches] [Inspiration]

Date Chased Participants Winner On/Off _ Camera Clutch
10 December 2009 Kilaueth (Niva) Inimeth (D'son)
Nyunath (R'owan)
Nyunath Off NPC
23 July 2009 Lusiath (Kate - NPC) Faraeth (M'nol)
Jaharith (Ai'an)
Nyunath (R'owan)
Quamirth (Kh'zan)
Rixaith (M'tri)
Tunseth (R'ik)
Tunseth Off NPC
21 July 2009 Kilaueth (Niva) Azaeth (K'ael)
Faraeth (M'nol)
Inimeth (D'son)
Nyunath (R'owan)
Inimeth Off NPC
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