NPC Z'van


Tall and rangy, this young man has pleasant features and the vivid blue eyes of his father. Short, sandy-brown hair forms loose waves that sweep across a strong brow. A straight nose, firm lips and strong jaw lend him an air of character. He is 22 Turns of age

Born: Turn 2659


Zevan was born at Ressac Sea Hold to the Lord and Lady holder, and has lived there all his life. In time, Zevan was one of many of the youths of the Hold to go on to join the Seacraft, particularly as - being a younger son - he was unlikely to inherit and thus had to make his own name. He was serving on board a large sloop bringing trade goods into Xanadu, when he was Searched for the double-clutch of Seryth and Solarith. And so, the young man is now a candidate at Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Jossan Father Ressac Beach Sea Hold Lord Holder
Zevlyn Mother Ressac Beach Sea Hold Lady Holder
Jev'n Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrling to Blue Akyth



Times' Perfection Bronze Areith
Sweeping across the form of this brazen hatchling's burly form nocturnal fire wars with scintillating cassia to stir night's dark with flame. His broad forehead is crowned with three brilliant topaz points that flash with the movements of his head. Diamonds glitter across strong shoulders and wide back embroiled in molten copper, while powerful haunches eclipsed in shadow taper to iron-dark limbs tipped by obsidian claws. Dawn breaks across wing's sheer membranes, reflecting the roseate citrine of a new day.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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