Yontal is huge, nearly 6'5" and almost all of it covered in the well-toned muscle of a lifelong miner. He wears black pants and scuffed brown workboots beneath a tucked in white shirt. Over that he wears a crisp brown leather jacket with craggy, mountainous designs sewn into them, almost reminiscent of the designs on Ista's crest. He keeps himself neater than most miners, his sandy blonde hair cropped short, nowhere near his deep green eyes. A single white knot graces one shoulder, showing his recent entrance into the ranks of candidacy.


Yontal was born in the crags of Ista to a pair of harpers who are still more than a little disappointed by his chosen profession. An Ista rider offered to take him off their hands, then unceremoniously dumped him at the Xanadu Weyr. He's written his folks a few times, but if they've gotten them, they've never written back.

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