Yina's a fairly tall and lanky young woman and a very boyish build. The way she holds herself makes it seem as if this really isn't much of a problem. Her long, deep brown hair can often be found pulled back in a tail and secured with a leather tie. Her skin is a dusty brown and is fairly clear of blemishes caused by sun, but has plenty of small little nicks and scars. Though the most obvious is a long puckered white scar along the left side of her face from her brow to her chin.


Yina has always been around runners, she was riding with her mother long before she could walk. Some people joke that her mother must have birthed her in the saddle. She was always an inquisitive sort, and loves to understand the workings of things. She absorbed knowledge like a sponge and kept looking for more. Structure she didn't do so well with and briefly tried the Beastcraft but found it wasn't the place for her. Her opinion being that too many of the masters were hidebound and not willing to see things in a different light. It was during one of these discussions that Keziah came to learn about the girl and since she was looking for a little help at the stables while visiting the craft. After a brief talk with the girl and then watching her with the runners and listening to her, Keziah decided that Yina would probably do the trick and so brought the girl home with her to Xanadu to be her assistant. Some of her ideas helped with the record keeping and even Tarsin was impressed with her work. Not an easy feat that.


Name Relation Location Position
Klaina Mother Hannista Hold Jman Herder
Tabor Father Deceased Jockey
Miska Sister BeastCraft Hall Apprentice


Blue Titan


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