Xanthius is a young man with caramel hued eyes and medium-length blonde hair which could likely look good long or short. The shorter the golden locks, the curlier it tends to be, though at this point in time he wears it lengthy. Roots are somewhat darker than the sun-lightened ends, which curl past the ears and tease his neck. He has a sharp face that could be considered handsome (and that he /does/ consider handsome), and he keeps himself well-groomed. Cheeks and chin are clean shaven, and his aforementioned hair rarely finds days where a comb isn't run through it at least in the mornings before he faces the world.

He is a fellow with a keen sense of style, and the clothing that he wears are usually ensembles either designed by him and made by his own hand. Today, it's a button down, blue and white checkered shirt with the uppermost buttons left undone, giving his neck room to breathe and revealing just the uppermost portion of his chest. A dark brown leather belt is looped around his waist, holding up khaki colored trousers whose length and fit seems perfectly tailored for his body. A simple rope necklace hangs about his neck, and on his shoulder he has the knot of the weaver craft.

Born: Turn 2678


Once, he was a woodcrafter. Now, he's a fashionable weavercrafter and is mostly off at the Weavercraft hall at South Boll.

*More details to come eventually!*


Name Relation Location Position
Sygmund Uncle Xanadu Mooch




Title OOC Date Cast
Celebration! June 14, 2013 Angelique, Idrissa, Jnelle (npc), Ka'el, Kei'lan (npc), Kera, Marel, M'kal, Mur'dah, N'shen, Soriana, Xanthius (npc), Zahleizjah, Zi'on


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