A young woman of average proportion, Xandraea’s straight red hair is perhaps her most striking feature being almost orangey in color. Emerald eyes are half hidden behind bangs of the bright color, standing out against her pale complexion.


Xandraea was born in one of the small cot holds not far outside of Ista Hold. Her mother, Udanya, was a bartender and her father, Voldala, a chef. Given the combination of the girl’s heritage it’s a wonder how she found herself as a Dragon Healer once she grew older, though perhaps it sheds light on her lustful tendencies. After all, a girl who spends half her life at the bar must see some … interesting things. While the woman is responsible in her duties, she still always seems to be guilty of something – or maybe it just seems that way.

None were more surprised than Xandaea herself when first she was Searched by Faila's Tuyeth, but when she was lucky enough to Impress to a green that came of Seryth and Kinseth's clutch.


Name Relation Location Position
Udanya Mother Ista Bartender
Voldala Father Ista Chef



Moon-Kissed Maiden Green Quarbimlath
Over all this slender green is brushed with the deepest shades of forest pine in shadowed mists of the witching hour. The hue only darkens as it washes up from tail and underside to stretch across her back and down her muzzle, becoming almost in its dark midnight shades along the spine. A gentle sweep of a paler color, the light budding of new spring grass, paints the space between her eyes in the shape of a crescent moon. This same yellow-green is speckled across her back and wingsails like tiny shimmering stars in the sea of nearly black green. Sharp talons curve as if to mimic the mark on her forehead, glistening of polished obsidian.

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