Rather short and muscular, Wendred is the stereotype of his chosen trade of the smith. His cocoa colored skin is covered in various tattoos and is in sharp contrast to his orangey hair, while copper eyes blend right in to fit the man much better.


Wendred was born at Telgar Weyr to a loving couple posted there. His mother, Chola, was a weaver by trade, while his father, Irwyn, was a smith. Wendred himself was a cheerful child and still holds that joyful mirth in his life today. He’s a rather flirtatious man, though his plentiful tattoos may very well turn off many a young woman. He’s chosen to follow his father in is currently a Senior Apprentice in the Smith craft.


Name Relation Location Position
Chola Mother Telgar Weyr Weaver
Irwyn Father Telgar Weyr Smith



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