Lord Toban


A large man, in his late fifties, Toban still acts like one much younger than himself. While his dark brown hair is streaked with signs of grey, constant exercise keeps him fit and well-toned, his tall frame showing no signs of hunching or drooping. All in all a handsome enough man, he moves with the dignity due his station, though his dress is far more appropriate for his preferred activities - herding and daredevil tactics.


Toban was the eldest son of the previous Lord Holder of Black Rock Hold, and as such was the Heir Apparent from the beginning. While there were certainly some lessons provided to understand the proper way of running a hold, the majority of his youth was spent in one carefree pursuit after another. After turns of cowboy activities - leading roundups and riding the Hold's bulls for sport, his father's illness led in a bit of a crack down of his activities, and at the age of thirty he was finally married to the Lady Johanna, a younger daughter from Keroon Hold in the North.

While his father's health resumed, Toban saw little need for beginning a family, and continued certain activities, taking advantage of the rights of Heir apparent to get what he wanted, and in some cases keep it, enjoying the benefits of the title. Benefits that would be greatly expanded when his father passed away one winter from pneumonia.

Confirmed quickly by the Conclave as Lord Holder, Toban began to publicly support his various hobbies, including arranging round ups and rides, inviting other Holders to come and try their hand. Over the next eight turns, at the constant urging of his advisors, 5 daughters and one son were born to Johanna, the son living only a turn and a half, and though she became pregnant twice more, there were no more children to be had - and no sons upon which to convey the title of heir.

And yet, for many turns, this seemed to be no issue for the wild, fearless Cowboy Lord Holder.


Name Relation Age Position
Lady Johanna Wife -9 T Lady Holder of Black Rock Hold
Joan Daughter -37T Married to Son of Holder of Pars Hold
Valda Daughter -39T Unmarried
Orabelle Daughter -40T Unmarried
Cassandra Daughter -42T Unmarried
Lelianna Daughter -44T Unmarried

Points of Note

  • In Month 8 of Turn 2685, Toban sent Lady Johanna home to Keroon to 'recuperate'. The Lady has not been back to Black Rock since. She was sent with a dozen runners, supposedly of stellar Black Rock breeding lines, which may or may not be green.
  • Lady Valda, Toban's eldest unmarried daughter, is of the opinion that she could hold the Hold as well as any male, and believes that she should be given a chance to show her ability
  • Lord Toban has been seen of late, oft in the company of a Benden Weyr rider, and been rumored to be spending copious amounts of time at Lemos Hold.
  • Lady Lelianna has been sent on an extended trip to Fort Hold, in an attempt to reach a marriage agreement with Lady Tresa, for the Heir Larsen's hand in marriage
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