Tharen (Holder of Cold Stone Hold)



Dark brown hair, long enough to be on the scruffy side - bangs brushed chaotically across his brow. Ice-green eyes are surprisingly intense against his lightly tanned skin; thickly lashed in dark brown and set beneath brows a few shades darker than his hair. His nose is yet unbroken, strong and straight, while his mouth is definitely masculine, it often quirks into a jaunty grin. The line of his jaw is strongly defined, and his chin firm, but both are covered with stubble more often than not.

He isn't overly tall for a male, as he stands at 5'10" in socks. His body has a lanky, wiry strength to it, akin to a swimmer's physique, that speaks of a lot of physical activity. Shoulders are broad and strong, with his waist and hips narrow.


Tharen was born and raised in Coldstone Hold, a small cot in the mountainous region of the High Reaches. Under the authority High Reaches Hold, Coldstone enjoyed some prosperity due to its production and export of fine, soft wool and richly-woven fabrics. Tharen's parents, Holder Thadan and Lady Rensea required that all of their offspring attend Craft training in some field. At the age of twelve turns, Tharen was shipped off to the BeastCraft Hall to begin studies. Turns wore on and the rather lazy boy actually did well - excelled even.

At seventeen he was on the verge of journeymanship (if only he had decided to put in the effort!) with a specialty in camilids (think alpacas), which are the staple of his home. He returned home to continue working with the animals, but had a falling out with his demanding father and while helping herd some prized camelids across the mountains to another hold, hopped a ride with a sweeprider to Xanadu to visit his sister, Junior Weyrwoman Thea and ended up staying, working (or shirking work, when convenient) in the stables. Thadan lost patience with the young man and disowned both him and Thea, but left the issue of who would continue Cold Stone Hold after his passing to hand in uncertainty.

Nearly 15 turns were spent dallying at Xanadu, avoiding the real issue of his heritage: that of heir to Cold Stone Hold and the responsibility that entailed learning to take the reins there. Tharen wasn't ready to settle down, marry one of the holder's daughters from a neighboring cothold and provide a line of heirs to secure Cold Stone. So he enjoyed the perks of having a goldriding sister in the Weyr he called home, especially after she rose to the rank of Senior Weyrwoman. Shirking responsibilities included avoiding babysitting his niece and nephew, Marel and Muir, and though he pretended otherwise, the happiness of the three mattered greatly to him. A frequent visitor to the Weyrbarn they called home, he knew the profound happiness his sister had with the bluerider named D'had, whose home she shared and of her pleasure she took in her children.

When circumstances changed all that and his sister lost everything, he knew what he had to do. His demanding sire had made a plaint to the Holder Conclave and Weyr Council in the absence of having any heirs - the end result was that Thadan's heir was named as Muireadhach and the child sent to Cold Stone Hold along with his sister by their mother who sought to protect them from both the rage of their father over the decision as well as a protracted upheaval a contest to the declatation of the council would bring. D'had withdrew into uncommunicative silence and anger that whiskey could not soothe and thus Thea lost both his loving support and her children. Knowing niether of the twins were happy in Cold Stone, Tharen did what he'd been putting off for all these turns and presented himself to Thadan, his demanding father, offering himself as the heir Thadan had wanted all along, freeing Muir and Marel to return home.

Thadan passed away suddenly from a heart attack while in a fit of rage over something he heard from another cotholder across the ranges, leaving Tharen as his main heir, now cold Stone Hold's Holder.


Name Relation Location Position
Holder Thadan Father Cold Stone Hold Deceased
Lady Rensea Mother Cold Stone Hold Holder's Widow
Thea Sister Xanadu Weyr Junior Weyrwoman
Marella Niece (Thea) Xanadu Weyr Child
Muireadhach Nephew (Thea) Xanadu Weyr Child


Title OOC Date Cast
Roll With Them January 31, 2013 Muir, Tharen (npc'd by Thea)
Hatching Feasting February 10, 2013 Idrissa, Jethaniel, J'o (npc'd by Soriana), Ka'el, Kei'lan (npc'd by Ka'el), M'kal, Mur'dah, Natalya, Soriana, Tharen (npc'd by Thea), Thea
News From Cold Stone Hold August 04, 2013 Marel, Mur'dah, Tharen (npc), Thea
Ashes August 06, 2013 Mur'dah, Rensea (npc), Poeple of Cold Stone Hold, Tharen (npc), Thea



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