The five candidates brought in under the cover of night have slowly, and only slightly, been integrating themselves into the Weyr. The two girls and three boys - all blonde haired and scrawny - have slowly begun to reveal a few details about themselves to the few that would listen. For whatever reason, they have found themselves particularly drawn to Kate, and the young candidate has been seen ushering them around the Weyr, showing them this and that. Rumor has it, though, that when the proclamation went out that there would be no more Sands or Galleries visitors until announced differently, they breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Tione is barely fourteen turns, just old enough to be able to stand for the clutches on the Sands. She quietly admitted that she didn't want to be left behind, and thus she accompanied the others to the Weyr. She is very gullible, quickly believing anything she is told, and she's often caught doing something she's not suppose to. However, she's yet to get in serious trouble, mostly because she seems to not entirely understand what she's done wrong.

Finally, after having been left standing, and seen her friends and family members Impress and graduate from Weyrlinghood, Tione found her partner, blue Teyath, when Seryth's eggs hatched.

Born: Turn 2665


Dignified Priest Blue Teyath
A stately robe of pure azure settles on the form of an overly large hatchling. Although the shadowy draping of blue fits well and is generally of even tone and color, here and there are little lighter sparklings, as if his hide were attempting to mimic starlight upon the twilit sky. There is a light graying about his muzzle, and in the corners of his eyes, though above his headknobs and sloping down his muzzle are slight speckles of darker indigo. Despite his large form, the hatchling is thin, almost gaunt, yet with a stately elegance in his movements that attempts to detract from the gangly appearance of his build.

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