T'kan (Atikan)


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Atikan was born on Xanadu Weyr to two non-riding parents. He had a fairly normal childhood. Being an only child, he was spoiled in comparison to those children who grew up among many foster siblings, and thus he grew to be a somewhat selfish teen. Selfish and lazy. He never aspired to join a craft, and thus he never did, content to live life one day at a time and deal with things as they came to him. He's a tall man now, with long brown hair usually kept back in a messy pony tail. He's not unattractive, though likely isn't the type of man that women immediately fawn over either, even though he may think that he is. Most of his free time is spent lounging with friends, at gathers, or at taverns. Life is good!


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Son of the Sea Blue Eptonith


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