Setari is young and full of childish spirit. He's short, lanky, and has a tendency to be constantly in motion. His mouth tends to always be in motion as well. He has wirey black hair that is cut quite short and tends to spike up oddly. Blue eyes stare out with wonder at most everything, showing his curious, and sometimes immature nature.


Setari is the youngest of four children born to a farmer who worked the land near the edge of Rubicon River Hold territory. However, when the holder was lost at sea and holders from Hannista started to push forward into Rubicon lands, he and his family were uprooted and came to the weyr for refuge. Shortly after arriving at the weyr, he and his older brother were invited to stand as candidates. At first, his father refused to let either boy accept the invitation. However, a few days later when his eldest son finally died from a blow to the head he got during the attack, Serato relented and decided to let the two boys join the candidates.

Standing on the sands proved to be one of the most exciting days of Setari's life, bouncing with nervous energy as he watched the first eggs hatch. It was pure joy when he found his lifemate, green Lesirauth waiting for him, and joy twice over when his older brother also bonded to a green.


Name Relation Location Position
Serato Father Xanadu Weyr Sr. Journeyman Farmer
Sendan Uncle Xanadu Weyr Journeyman Farmer
Talana Mother Xanadu Weyr Kitchen Drudge
Serat Brother -N/A- Deceased
S'alyn Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrling to Green Celaenth
Salana Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Creature of the Deep Green Lesirauth
Murky green flows in an even spread over the soft, curving lines of this elegant green hatchling, wrapping her in a dark envelope of rich color. Slight ripples extend over the wide planes of her classical muzzle, gently blurring the contrast between light and dark along the smoothed ridges that line her curving jawline. Kelp green drips and drizzles down the entire length of her tall, almost overly long neck, encircling it around the base and pooling across her chest and underside. A seemingly neverending line of blue-green takes hold between her muscular shoulderblades, sneaking easily down between the wing joints and tracing the line of her back down to the very tip of her spaded tailtip. Mottled shadows of faded verdance and grey-blue clash and war for dominance along her wide haunches, looking almost like light dappling through deep water to brand itself in a pattern of beauty on her hide. A miracle of bright color covers the expanse of her translucent wingsails, creating a shocking mosaic of foggy silver-green swirls that seem to almost disappear near the leading edge into a perfect grassy hue. Despite her regal bearing, her odd proportions make her look almost awkward whenever she moves.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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