Candidate Name: Tavishel Gender: Male
Age: 15 Turns, 1 month, and 23 days Position: App Techcraft
From: LAN
What You Should Know About Tavishel (WYSKA):
Tavishel is 12 turns old, small for his age, he appears quite harmeless with a mop of tangled hair and an angelic grin. He's the classic 'full of puppy-dog tails' never still, always into something. He's intentionally a trouble-maker, just one of those types that HAS to push that button just to see what it does. If there's some sort of unplanned chaos and he's nowhere to be found when the dust settles? It's a fairly good bet that he was in the middle of it when it went down.
Impression Preferences:
Injury OK?:
Created By:
Tavishel was added on Mon May 23 18:30:50 2011 by Thea(#11333).

Born: Turn 2677




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Brown Tochath

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