Serris is huge. He's not just tall, but he's built broad in the shoulders with muscle rippling across his torso, chest, legs, arms, giving the impression that he's worked hard all his life. His eyes are a plain, muddy brown color and his hair just about matches the same shade, cut short so that only a small fuzz lingers on the sides of his balding head. While he may seem imposing, and often acts as a 'bouncer' of sorts for the stables, keeping candidates and weyrbrats from causing trouble, Serris is actually quite gentle for his massive size. He's quiet of voice, unless angered, and generally keeps to himself, working the evening shifts at the stables.


Serris was born in the northern continent, just before his parents decided to jump ship and move to a cothold outside Landing. He grew up exposed to a lot of newer technology, but never really had any interest in it. Turning his back on that sort of work, the boy began working in the fields rather than trying to further his mind. Eventually, he was accepted into the beastcraft, but only spent a turn there before the academic side of things proved too difficult. It wasn't so much that Serris was stupid, or unintelligent, he just preferred hands-on work rather than studying from record hides. So, he began to work as an assistant stablehand from an early age.

Unlike many who might have tried to work their way through the ranks, he was content with his lot in life, and ended up marrying an equally laid-back woman who he met during an excursion to Xanadu. Eventually, he packed his things, and moved to the weyr to continue his work and to start a family. Unfortunately, that family never happened for whatever reason, and the pair ended up fostering a number of children from the lower caverns. The most recent, they adopted as a sort of foster-son, and raised as their own when his parents didn't seem to want much to do with him. Since then, they haven't been quite as prolific in fostering others, content with the small family they had. So, Serris contently continues to work, trying his best to be a good 'father' figure, and spends his time in a job he enjoys.


Name Relation Location Position
Mariana Spouse Xanadu Weyr Stablehand
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