Tall, dark-haired, and gangly, the man might not be the most imposing figure, but his deep green eyes are certainly intense. He's usually serious and somewhat humorless, but bafflingly social at times. The latter is likely due to his younger half-brother, B'miel, who won't let him sit and brood in his weyr all day. Unfortunately, this tends to end with S'tan getting drunk and having his dragon fly him across Pern. Gonth may humor his rider on occasion, but has also been known to dunk S'tan in the ocean now and again when his patience runs out. Good thing B'miel always shows up to fish the brownrider out.

Gonth: « You have a better way to make him sober? »

S'tan is a journeyman computercrafter, like his mother, and is often seen at Landing or being dragged around Pern by B'miel.


Name Relation Location Position
B'miel half-brother Xanadu Weyr Greenrider


Dusty Trails Brown Gonth
The bulk of this large dragon is covered in dusty browns, the faded color mottling towards his legs, leaving the feet dipped in slightly darker, almost muddy hues. Stark white talons, shot through with smoky greys, are gently curved but deadly sharp at the tips. His wings are shorter than average, though the well-muscled shoulders give the suggestion of easy power. The membranes are pale, without variation, while his neck and tail have just the slightest klah-tinted spattering. A sleek, wedge-shaped head holds the barest hint of umber, the long muzzle and wide-set eyes giving him an almost imposing stare, though the sheer size of the rest of him is more than enough for that.

Brown Gonth is patience defined. Though large and bulky, he can be surprisingly nimble at times. And he can swim extremely well, luckily for S'tan.

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