Tall and lanky, Silarus looks as if he has recently hit a growth spurt and the rest of him hasn't quite caught up yet. His feet and hands seem oversized compared to the rest of his body. Large ears stick out from stringy black hair which tends to look a bit dirty. His eyes are a steel-gray that show some intelligence, but the rest of him just seems so mismatched that many could easily mistake him for a dullard.


Silarus was born and raised in Black Rock Hold. His parents were both farmers, and thus he grew up learning to take care of the land. Growing up among many brothers and sisters, he never had much ambition other than to learn a trade and perhaps go to one of the halls for training. In the end, each thing he tried ended up not working out in one way or another. So he ended up coming back home to the farm to take up his parents' craft. He was out in the fields when one of the search dragons came and offered him a chance to stand at the weyr. He was left standing, as expected, the first time he stood, but stayed on at the weyr as an apprentice to one of the weyr farmers. Since then he has stood for two other clutches, but no one seems to expect much of him.


Silarus is quiet and introspective. What intelligence he has is often hidden behind a dull, blank exterior as it seems easier for him to accept failure if no one expects him to succeed. Even so, Silarus is hopeful to figure out his own place in things sooner or later. Hardworking and stable minded, he has become quite a dependable member of the weyr since his arrival. If someone needs a hand, he's there to offer it. The rest of the time, though, he tends to fade into the background.



Silent Hunter of the Moors Brown Cusith
Huge and bulking, shadows seem to dominate the dark sepia form that lurks with slow, intense motions. Rusty splatters of red cling to the dragon's snort nose, extending up to frame his eyes and give the whirling orbs an ominous presence. Spiked in odd places, his neck ridges are tipped with russet, seeming shaggy and malformed. Darker still, his belly seems as if dipped into inky taupe that has dribbled down onto his broad talons. Bent, craggy wings are marked as well with that deep color, only showing the faintest hint of brown when the light catches them. A short, stubby tail shows behind him, jutting oddly at one point. The only light that finds its way through the broad, fearsome countenance of this dragon is a small splotch of beige that marks his chest.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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