Setalyn is very much different from his brother Setari. Taller, and more broad of shoulder, Setalyn has the build to become a powerful worker when he gets older. Quiet and reserved, he rarely talks and simply watches the world behind plain brown eyes. A fuzz of short-cut black hair frames his face, kept short except for a patch just above his brows which he seems to be letting grow.


Setalyn is the second-youngest of four children born to a farmer who worked the land near the edge of Rubicon River Hold territory. However, when the holder was lost at sea and holders from Hannista started to push forward into Rubicon lands, he and his family were uprooted and came to the weyr for refuge. Shortly after arriving at the weyr, he and his younger brother were invited to stand as candidates. At first, his father refused to let either boy accept the invitation. However, a few days later when his eldest son finally died from a blow to the head he got during the attack, Serato relented and decided to let the two boys join the candidates.

After watching his younger brother impress, Setalyn was left on the sands with many others and one remaining hatchling. All too ready to accept that no dragon waited for him, he was surprised to become S'alyn and impress a green, Celaenth.


Name Relation Location Position
Serato Father Xanadu Weyr Sr. Journeyman Farmer
Sendan Uncle Xanadu Weyr Journeyman Farmer
Talana Mother Xanadu Weyr Kitchen Drudge
Serat Brother -N/A- Deceased
T'eri Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrling to Green Lesirauth
Salana Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Ancient Soul Green Celaenth
Crouched with an odd posture, her form is covered by a light tone of fern green, lacing it's way with strange, almost eerie smoothness along her skin, paling slightly as it marks her neckridges. Along her flanks, a bit of yellow-green has been mixed in, as if thrown from a painter's pallet, highlighting down until it overtakes the forked end of her tail. Her limbs are rougher, seeming to stand out with craggy paws marked in a murky sea green that lingers towards cerulean. Jutting out oddly, her short stubby nose is marked with a pale, milky color. Eyeridges and wing spars are darkened predominantly with drab olive, causing them to stand out against the rest of her body. The webbing, stretched taught, fades from that murky olive, to a slate gray as it reaches each sail's edges.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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