Rysiea is somewhere in the end of her 19th turn. She's a bit on the shorter side at 5'3", leans towards a slightly stockier build which is all muscle from her craft but which some might mistake for being a bit heavier then she should be. She's got dark auburn hair, cut in a short pixie cut and brown eyes. She is just entering the begining of her journeyman phase in the glasscraft, following in the footsteps of her parents. She was born and fostered in her early years at Benden and was posted to Fort Hold, which is were an enthusiastic Marte found her, and encouraged her to return to Xanadu, to stand for Kilaueth and Ellamariseth's clutches.

Rysiea is the daughter of brown Chenolth's rider R'san and the master glassblower Marisiea, the granddaughter of goldrider Kathryn, and the niece of C'vryn and Kevyx. As such, she is quite comfortable in the Weyr, and has settled into the barracks with ease, while working with the local glasscrafters most afternoons to keep up her skills.

When Kilaueth and Hesketh's Eggs hatched, Rysiea was the one to catch the attention of the first little green to hatch. However, the little green had to do a bit of nudging to get the teen's attention back on her. But, soon all was well and Rysiea became Rya, lifemate to Sprigs of Holly Green Ilexanth. The two were shuffled to the barracks, and now they're beginning the new chapter of their life.


Name Relation Location Position
Marisiea Mother Crafthall Master Glassblower
R'san Father Ierne Weyrhold Rider to Brown Chenolth
Kathryn Grandmother Igen Weyr Rider to Gold Nylaeth
C'vryn Uncle Fort Weyr Rider to Bronze Emeliuth
Kevyx Uncle Igen Weyr Resident


Sprigs of Holly Green Ilexanth
Hunter green is layed like thick foliage over this green's hide, each jagged leaf-shaped piece a slightly different tone, creating a mottled quilt over her body. Limbs, long and limber, are the color of fresh pine needles, as talons are a darker brown, the same bits of mahagony peeking through on her wing joints as each sail is a large shiny leaf strung between the branches that are her wingspars. Vein-like lines of lighter, yellow-hued green tickle her throat, before her face flattens out, and sharp ridges jagged down her back.

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