A short, stocky young man, Quenton is one of those who just seems to be forgotten in the background, blending in with the average Joe. Loose curls of brown hair frame the man’s face and plain brown eyes stare out from a coffee and cream complexted face.


Quenton has a tendency to be rather mean, though that could perhaps be due to the fact that he’s more of a logistical thinker and finds it difficult – if not impossible – to grasp onto abstract thought. Born at the Smith Crafthall, he was the son of a miner, Padraigin, and a C’tok, rider of Blue Yath from nearby Telgar. It was perhaps because of his temperament that he became a hunter, preferring the natural outdoors to the social minglings of hold and hall. The man is, however, surprisingly graceful given his stature which may have very well helped him along the way in his chosen profession.


Name Relation Location Position
C'tok Father Telgar Weyr rider of Blue Yath
Padraigin Mother Smith Crafthall Miner



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