Of middling height, Praela has sleek black hair which falls practically to her waist. She's very proud of it, and can be seen in the barracks every night painstakingly brushing out every tangle. She's slender (she'd like to call it delicate), with a very pronounced bone structure in her face. While she's not exceptionally pretty, she enhances what she has with a deft touch when it comes to makeup.


Being a Xanadu native, Praela tends to think that she knows more than most everyone else when it comes to the ins and outs of the Weyr. It's not uncommon for her to interrupt a conversation to correct a fellow candidate, and is very put out on those occasions when her 'helpful' corrections are not well-received. While she isn't so blatantly vain as to wander around touting her own beauty, she carries herself with a general air of superiority, especially when it comes to Hold-born candidates. She was searched for the first time for Luraoth and Sharuth's clutch. While she puts on a good show of being (over-)confident in front of her fellow candidates, in truth she's insecure about the number of candidates younger than her and will often make a point to make subtle (or not so subtle) jabs at them moreso than others.

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