O'rze takes after his father immensely. He is taller than the man, however, and not quite as lean, with a bit of a belly and muscles not suited to his original occupation — an archivist. However, he has been a rider for more than half of his life, so it's unsurprising that they exist. His expression is generally kind, though those near-black eyes of his are sharp and seem to see right through any lies that the foolish might put to him. He sports a pair of black eyebrows to match his eyes, and a thick nose that has at least once been broken. O'rze's face is clean-shaven and his hair is a wiry, but close-cropped mass of black, not a strand seeming to shine silver.

He favors a stern uniform suited to the task at hand, and even in leisure does not vary much; his clothes are neatly pressed and his knot always well-placed. His boots are unscuffed and his jacket well-taken-care-of, though he wouldn't /seem/ to care too much. Likely, it's the work of his weyrmate.

Born: Turn 2636


O'rze was born Orozentel, son of Entaras and Z'orde, and was likely the last son that Z'orde fathered. Entaras was a greenrider at Telgar, and Orozentel was her first child. He was fostered to the lower caverns and she never had too much to do with him, though Z'orde did check on him and spend time with him at least once a sevenday. He grew up with two half-brothers and three half-sisters in total, a respectable number, though he never really had much to do with them — instead focusing on reading and writing from a young age. As soon as he could, he took up with the archivists, and was doing rather well at eighteen, when he was searched. He took the duty reluctantly and as a duty rather than a pleasure — but it quickly evaporated upon Impression.

Rhilaoth completed him. She seemed to know how to push every button, how to soothe every wound, and the newly-named O'rze fell into Weyrlinghood like a fish who'd lived out of water only to discover his true habitat. He was an excellent Weyrling, and she an excellent dragon for a Weyrling, prim and proper and always sure to cooperate for lessons. They graduated with honors, and were quickly snapped up by the Weyrleader's wing. O'rze slowly grew in competence in this new area, and by the time thirty rolled around, he was quite good at it, and could smoothly handle most situations without offending too many people. It was, perhaps, this skill that tamed down one of the nannies of Telgar.

Her name was Pandari, and she was one of the strangest women he'd ever known. His mother was an enigma, his sisters all even stranger — but she! She was as stubborn as a caprine, and made even proddy Rhilaoth look tame. But evidently they worked well together; around the same time he was growing into his own in the area of diplomacy, they moved in together and became Weyrmates. Over the next five turns, she bore three children, though he did manage to sire two more in flights; Pandari was wary, at first, of these children, but quickly took them in when their mothers' duties required them to be fostered. She was a decent mother, though most would have considered her one of the least 'fun' mothers around; her children always knew who was boss, and they were punished when they misbehaved, as any children.

Truth be told, Z'orde's expulsion to warmer, less stressful climes was a relief to O'rze, who had been looking for a way to remove himself for Telgar for some time. There was no particular reason for this, just that he felt the need to go — and Pandari didn't mind too much when he asked, cheerfully noting that it was almost always warm in Xanadu. So they packed up their things and their children, who ranged in age from fifteen to eight, and moved on down to the Weyr on the Southern Continent, with blessings from their Leaders and with much grumbling from Z'orde.


Name Relation Location Position
Pandari Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Nanny
Z'orde Father Xanadu Weyr Retired Bronzerider
Entaras Mother Telgar Weyr Greenrider
Ollorane Aunt Telgar Weyr Greenrider
D'rest Brother Telgar Weyr Bluerider
Or'kal Brother Ista Weyr Brownrider
Talorzi Sister Fort Hold Harper
Denasta Sister Eastern Weyr Bluerider
Orelsa Sister Telgar Weyr Nanny
Panzentril Son (-30T) Xanadu Weyr Candidate
Darzonil Son (-31T) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Panzolia Daughter (-31T) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Olandri Daughter (-32T) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Rendariz Daughter (-33T) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat



Prim Princess Green Rhilaoth

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