The plump and perky Noel found herself being whisked away to Xanadu after a pair of search riders stopped by Landing. The Tech crafter was extremely excited at the prospect of standing and all but ran over the higher ups when she was granted permission. The curly haired brunette was heard shouting her joy all throughout the craft hall, her brown eyes filled to the brim with tears.

Noel is a clever little thing that is extremely polite and attentive to the rules. You won't find her sneaking out of chores or whining one bit. She's got a good work ethic and is a favorite amongst the Candidates because she's always willing to help out.

Noel will continue to earn favor, most likely, as she was found on the sands by Kilaueth and Hesketh's daughter, Holly Jolly Green Jouluth. The pair were quick to settle in, and seem to be getting along just as perfectly as Noel was as a candidate.


Holly Jolly Green Jouluth
Glossy mint washes over this rotund hatchling's hide, filling each crack and highlighting every joint. Her massive head is fixed with a pair of large round eyes, a sturdy headknob set above each in a watery cranberry red. Her strong and curved neck leads into her prominent barrel chest, not a single rib peeking through. Her long and sturdy limbs are dappled in mistletoe, her short and thick claws are dipped in a roasted chestnut. Sticking out behind her hindquarters is a thick stubby tail, the tail spade dipped in the same cranberry red of her headknobs. Her wings are rather small for her frame, painted the same mistletoe of her legs but frosted over with snowy white, each capped in chestnut talons.

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