The five candidates brought in under the cover of night have slowly, and only slightly, been integrating themselves into the Weyr. The two girls and three boys - all blonde haired and scrawny - have slowly begun to reveal a few details about themselves to the few that would listen. For whatever reason, they have found themselves particularly drawn to Kate, and the young candidate has been seen ushering them around the Weyr, showing them this and that. Rumor has it, though, that when the proclamation went out that there would be no more Sands or Galleries visitors until announced differently, they breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Nytor the youngest of the bunch and also the smallest. He also seems to not only know Calen but consider the equally tiny boy a friend, as Nytor was found crying after Calen was sent off to Fiara for his punishment. However, he strongly protests that he had nothing to do with it, and some question as to whether Nytor will remain a candidate, or be sent home prematurely.

At the hatching of Kilaueth and Hesketh's eggs, Nytor was just as frightened as the rest of his group, particularly after Faila was taken away by a blue almost right before his eyes. He was quick to begin a game of dodge the dragonets, unfortunately in trying to avoid one, he almost fell straight into another. However, it was all for the best as the Round and Overindulgent Blue Hatchling was there to help him up, and they became the weyrling pair N'tor and Kadaisith.

N'tor was the one most distraught when Kate and her gold Lusiath vanished into the wilderness. Despite many desperate attempts to flee and join her, N'tor was thwarted each time, and in time realized that perhaps it was for the best to stay. And, so, he's distanced himself from the search for Kate, as if attempting to erase her from his thoughts.

Born: Turn 2667


Round and Overindulgent Blue Kadaisith
There are no two ways to put it, this dragon is fat. His startlingly psychedelic blue hide seems almost stretched to the point of breaking over a massive stomach and think haunches. Even his face looks chubby, large cheeks giving his faceted eyes the appearance of being overly tiny. While his tail seems a little thinner than the rest of him, it has a tendency to drag along behind him, leaving a trail in his wake. Luckily, his wings seem huge as well, as swirls of darker blue dance upon them, chocolate brown creeping in at the trailing edges.

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