Nosken is a solidly built man, almost stocky, and clearly keeps in shape. Shame the same can't be said for the rest of his appearance. Sure, he bathes regularly, and generally keeps clean, but he doesn't really bother to keep tidy. His straw-textured brown hair sticks out every which way, almost, and his shirt is almost always only half tucked in. It's not uncommon for the rings around his greenish-brown eyes to actually be bruises, either. He's a rough and tumble sort of bloke. His nose has clearly been broken at least once in the past, if not multiple times.

Born: circa Turn 2656


Nosken is the youngest son of four, and the second youngest of five children born to his parents, Noreen and Joska. The male-dominated home was fueled with testosterone, to the point where Nosken's siblings all tried to prove they were the bigger man. His oldest brother, Joren, joined the guard. Next, Kanjor apprenticed to the smiths, with Noros applying to join the woodcrafters not long after. Even Nosken's sister joined the competition, joining the ranks of the Weyr's hunters.

Nosken himself became more of an odd-jobs man like his father - mending fences, mucking out stables, waiting tables in the tavern - whatever small or unpleasant jobs needed doing, he'd be there. Not entirely willingly, mind. He's always been a bit of a drifter, but he has a rough streak, and has been spending most of his free time for the past few turns bouncing back and forth between the tavern and the infirmary. He's become a well known face in both places, of late.

After a prank involving switching X'hil's firelizard eggs with tunnelsnake eggs — the original firelizard eggs bartered away to some trader for a few extra marks, now long gone — got the bronzerider bit, Nosken was left holding the basket. He now has three pet tunnelsnakes. His favourite is named Ol' Bitey. He also has a pet sheep he's named Harold, which he left in X'hil's weyr one day during candidacy, though the sheep was gone, safely relocated, before the end of the day.

Hatching day came around and he shocked everyone, but mostly himself, when he impressed the Perilous Beauty Green Seibanth.


Name Relation Location Position
Noreen Mother XAW Tavern drudge
Joska Father XAW Odd-jobs man
Joren Older Brother XAW Guard
Kanjor Older Brother XAW Smith
Noros Older Brother XAW Woodcrafter
Skaree (Pronounced Skah-ray) Younger Sister XAW Hunter



Perilous Beauty Green Seibanth
There are at least four distinct shades of green on this dragon, with subtle variations within each area. The dragon's head is a reach leafy green, in both colour and texture, with splotchy yellow accents in various places, including her head knobs. The leafy green colouring continues down her neck, minus the yellow markings. Her legs are a simple green, with pale cream flourishes at her feet. Scratchy brown-green markings work their way along her tail, with orange-yellow cloud shapes at the tip. Simple clear pale green coats her body with a faint sheen, melting to a very pale creamy green at her wingtips, and absorbing the colours of her neck, legs, and tail. Physically, she's dainty, delicate, and yet she moves with an air of the hunter.


X'hil breaks Nosken's nose.
X'hil checks up on Nosken.
Seibanth hatches.

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