Dark-haired and dark-skinned with large, liquid brown eyes, Marta is definitely on the pretty side of ordinary. Athletic of build and practical of dress, though she does have at touch of fashion sense especially as concerns her accessories, she usually presents a well put-together figure in weyrling classes.



Formerly an apprentice healer, Marta nearly refused search being close to passing her Journeyman's exams at the time. She's very knowledgeable about medical treatments for humans and has also seemed to have used her time as a candidate well to learn a bit of dragon first aid. Some might label her an 'overachiever' but her competence in her area of specialization is pretty clear. She's a strong, grounded sort of person, very practical, with her head far from the clouds. It could be this quality that drew Tennath to her - he's a dreamer and an explorer after all and full of the boundless energy of life.

Prior to becoming an apprentice, Marta was raised in a small farming hold near Monaco, one of several siblings in a warm and convivial family environment. Though not as conservative as some holdbred weyrlings, likely due to her general practicality or the family atmosphere, she's still got touches of holder thought in her approach to the world, while not being a prude.


Brown Tennath


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