Mackavol is a solidly built young man in his early twenties. He's got the chiselled jaw, the sun-bleached blonde hair, the tan, the sparkling blue eyes, and the perfect teeth. He usually goes around in a blue t-shirt and baggy khaki shorts, though when the weather is cooler he'll wear jeans instead. The knot on his shoulder currently puts him as a candidate.


Mackavol, or Mac, is the youngest - and arguably best looking - son of a northern Lord, though, being the youngest, he was allowed a little more latitude in career choices. He opted to join the beastcraft, specialising in runners and farm animals. He made journeyman at the age of nineteen, and was posted to a quiet farming hold. His second posting came several turns later, landing him at Xanadu, his first time living in a Weyr. He'd visited as a youngster, on official visits with his parents, but living in one was another matter entirely. He was already awed and humbled by the sight of dragons, only made moreso when one searched him.


Name Relation Location Position
Merrin Father northern hold Lord Holder
Karola Mother northern hold Lady Holder
Kameron Older Brother northern hold holder
Errin Older Sister northern hold holder
Mekarin Older Brother northern hold holder
Rolam Older Brother northern hold holder
Aromeri Younger Sister northern hold holder



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