Ma'klin is…maybe not quite what most people imagine a Galaxy rider to be. He's got a good spare tire going 'round the middle, and while tall, is kind of squishy all over. It doesn't actually hide a whole lot of muscle, either. There's a childish gleam in his dark brown eyes, and certainly a childish mess to his slightly curly brown hair. Sure, he tries to keep it slicked back and professional, but things happen. They just happen. And he definitely can't be bothered to coordinate all that well, but, alas. He wears the knot of a Xanadian brownrider, and a Galaxy patch proudly on his shoulder.


Maburklin was born in Xanadu, raised in Xanadu, and FARANTH WILLING hell die in Xanadu. He always knew what he was going to do, and that was save lives and kick a…that is, take down bad guys. It wasn't until he found Wyanth on the sands that he really found a *way* to do it. Sure, his pal was the smallest brown in a pretty boring clutch, but Ma'klin and Wyanth were a great pair. Wyanth really put a more level spin on Ma'klin's wild ideas, and Ma'klin dragged Wyanth out of the barracks often enough to keep them active in the class.

They graduated, somehow, and promptly begged, conned, or blackmailed their way into Galaxy wing. More likely, it was Wyanth's dubious charm and promise as a decent tactical mind behind Ma'klin's…enthusiasm. They've been there, since, between long stints stuck in the infirmary with broken limbs. Ma'klin isn't the most graceful fellow out there. Wyanth can only do so much.


Name Relation Location Position
R'on Father Ierne Weyrhold Woodworker
Mariche Mother Xanadu Weyr Greenrider
Champ Pet canine Xanadu Weyr Dog-son


Does he look like he could manage firelizards.


Walking Disaster Brown Wyanth
This dragon is ridiculous. He's kind of…tightly-wound, with a stiff manner and not a lot of grace. He's rather small for a brown, but he's a handsome fellow, muscled well and thriftily. His hide is dark brown, charred around the edges of his 'sails and down his top-line. Soft hints of gold feather his brow and chest, a regal departure from the rich klah-colors. The browns are a little sketchy along the trunk of his body, threaded paler and darker in an almost checkered pattern. Plaid, maybe? It fades out, at least, down awkward legs that end in the same sooty char from above. His head's a little big, his wings a little short, but Wyanth's hearts are…in the right place. Probably.


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