Even from a distance Malren looks like a pretty big guy, but it is only up close that the true extent of his immensity becomes actually clear. He's several inches over six feet tall, broad shouldered with a heavy layer of muscle under what admittedly appears to be a decent layer of fat. His face still bears a bit of boyish roundness through cheeks and jaw, but his nose has been broken at least once and wasn't small to begin with, while his eyes are blue and sharp. It makes for an odd juxtaposition of old and young, nevertheless fitting for a man just trading adolescence for adulthood. Mouse-brown hair has been shaved to stubble , of a length with the scratchy not-quite beard he tends to sport.


Malren is from Xanadu, the child of riders and mostly raised in the nursery. He's got siblings and half-siblings galore, to the point that he's not even sure he can name them all. Though being surrounded by family and pseudo-family in the form of other simliarly-raised children was a benefit in some ways, it also had its downsides. There is always competition among siblings, and when the majority of the Weyr's child population are essentially siblings it's increased one hundred-fold. From a young age Malren had the benefit of size and it turned him into a bit of bully, using brute force to get his way more often than not. Working in the stables once he turned 13 helped iron out a few of those wrinkles, but he's still known to loom and grimace and intimidate when it seems like the easy path to take. At fifteen he was searched, and so while he works with runners and herdbeasts in between clutches, when there are eggs on the sands he continues to stand turn after turn, waiting for the lifemate his parent assure him is waiting out there somewhere.
Finally the day came, when both Seryth and Solarith's clutches hatched together on Xanadu's sands. Though he was distracted and bored, TerraCotta Cliffside Brown Atsath spotted him across the cavern and with a head planted in Malren's broad chest the two were joined. At 20, M'lren met his match and the pair are currently Weyrlings.


Name Relation Location Position
S'krol Father Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Lyra Mother Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
O'gam Brother (+3T) Fort Weyr Bluerider
Millie Sister (-2T) Xanadu Weyr Seamstress

Many half-siblings that may eventually be fleshed out


Terra Cotta Cliffside Brown Atsath
Reddish brown dust cloaks this large brown dragon in the lightest of russet hues. He is all sharp edges and blocky lines, heavy bone structure and sinewy muscle carved from stone. From wide jaw to sharply backswept headknobs his terra-cotta hide is sun-kissed; tawny brightness until browridges leave his narrow eyes cast in shadow. Down his arching neck, irregular neckridges are like crumbling steps that lead down into the deeper colors of his torso and deep chest. Ancient ruins seem to cluster beneath the shelter of his wings, darker lines hinting at shapes that would be almost too geometric if they didn't deteriorate back into obscurity. Like a craggy cliffside his muscled legs support this decaying city with varied hues that lead down into blunt black claws. Above this the spread of his wingsails is even wider than required, dried brick brown translucence lined with cave-dark spars. From muzzle to tailtip he is strong and stable, his form speaking of enduring solidity rather than delicacy and elegance.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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