Lila is actually quite muscular for a girl of average height. She wears her wavy, plum brown hair rather short. Molino shades of mixed cultures sweep across her skin, while jade colored eyes shine with a nearly constant amusement that shows on her lips as well.


Lila was born at Xanadu Weyr to Courtney, a kitchen worker, and K’ack, rider of Brown Soiashenth. The majority of her childhood was relatively uneventful and average. The girl took an interest in the workings of the smith craft and so it was into this craft that she went when she reached the proper age. She’s a dependable girl, if scattered at times, and always with a smile – or rather more of a grin. Just might make one wonder what she’s up to.
She was Searched by her father's lifemate, and stood on the Sands, where she found a lifemate in green Yuanth.


Name Relation Location Position
Courtney Mother Xanadu Weyr Kitchen Worker
Irvin Half Brother Xanadu Weyr Candidate
K'ack Father Xanadu Weyr Rider of Brown Soiashenth


Tranquil Garden Green Yuanth
As a peaceful garden within sheltered walls, this elegant hatchling reflects the serenity of a limpid pool whose jade waters dwell within the sanctuary of moss-covered stone. The color of ferns, silvered by mist, drips down her gracefully arched neck to nurture the verdant foliage of her back and shoulders which appear as hedges neatly manicured in perfect symmetry. Graceful as willows bending to trace wondering fingers in a pond's mirrored surface, emerald wings have sheer, leaf-infused membranes dimly lit the way incense smoke glows drifting by a lit paper lantern.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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